Dedicate/Day 6. Core.


On the Mat: 29 minutes.

Observations: Let me be Honest. I’m trying to find what Feels Good and yesterday after choosing a dear friends call over my morning practice and then planning on coming home at 9pm to do Candle Lit Core:) The reality became... I was tired and just wanted a glass of wine with some little evening Hulu. But, Core happened this morning and that’s ok. This Journey is My Journey and I’m calling the shots:) And I showed up rested and ready. 

So, glad I did! Holy Buckets! That was Throw up working the core city and I’m not kidding. 

Insights: My core is important and I need to do actually do a daily practice of it. Maybe begin with five minutes a day. It does serve me so well and it also is where I carry a lot of my physical baggage (weight). I need to make friends with it and not hold so much shame and insecurity there. Love it and Let it go:) 


But, I’ll Take Today: Catching up with Friends, Laundry and finding Joy hibernating in the warmth of my little studio. 

Tonight: Day 7. Surya.

Love, C. 

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Dedicate/Day 5. Flow.


On the Mat: 29 minutes.

Observations: Tonight was hard. The hardest yet and I have a feeling it ain’t gonna get easier. But, I’m still gonna show up. The flow and movements are becoming familiar which feels good. Yes, I was tired tonight and prefer on a work day doing this practice in the morning instead. I did do a downward dog fully tonight without modification:) that alone was worth it.  

Insights: I’m where I need to be right now and yoga is definitely a gift with bringing daily calm and chill which I experienced today with in a difficult interaction. 👍


But, I’ll Take Today: Good sleep tonight. 

Tomorrow: Day 6. Core.

Love, C. 

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Dedicate/Day 4. Feel.


On the Mat: 22 minutes.

Observations: OK I did Feel tonight (which will be last night when you read this). My muscles shaked and shaked. But, it was worth it. I felt like I wanted to see what a evening yoga would feel like and it was awesome. My strength is there and it feels so natural. I’m kind falling in love with this 30 day or 29😜 Journey. 

Insights: I loved how Adriene explained how this practice at home has so many fruits and permissions to just be with ourselves on this journey. And my heart also has a special connection to her practice more so when she mentioned imagining being on the Hill at Barton Springs in her town of Austin, TX. Which holds 2 years of my own life and still so much of my own heart in the people, places and things still there. So, tonight in honor of showing up to the Mat again. A Topo Chico with a Twist of Lime is in order with a big gulp of gratitude:) 


But, I’ll Take Today: slowing down. Being present in my daily routine of work and doing my yoga practice tonight. 

Tomorrow: Day 5. Flow. 

Love, C. 

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Dedicate/Day 3. Observe.


On the Mat: 35 minutes. 

Observations: Yesterday, Muscles I had forgotten had a good ache and I stood a little straighter too again. I slept like a baby last night as well:)  Today was finding my strength coming back and even a little grace in the movements Truly also getting to observe myself in every little action. Still modifying movements, but allowing myself to think about the possibility of trying tomorrow one full position. Pretty cool:) 

Insights: Magic happens in the In-Between. Love being reminded of that today and that Laughter is lovely. Adriene has such charming soul. 


But, I’ll Take Today: Day off. Had big plans to do do do. But, I think I’m just gonna Rest Easy with a new book and watch the new Tidying Up series with Marie Kondo on NetFlix😊 

Tomorrow: Day 4. Feel.

Love, C. 

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Buttered to the Edge.


My Momma always taught me to Butter my Toast to the Edge and since her passing strangely it’s become a little mantra for my life. Attempting to take the basic joys and building a well-fed life off it. 

I’m not talking about eating the whole loaf in the pantry and slathering a stick of butter on one golden toasted slice. But, savoring every Edge just the way I like it. And making no apologies.

Butter is good and toast is fabulous.    Remembering Life is too short to deny ourselves the authentic everyday goodness over a imitation of ideal expectations. Just like I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. It might look like it or the taste maybe resembles it.  But, ain’t Butter and You might as well go for the Real Thing rather than the imposter. 

Last year was a butter bust for me in that Department. I had a lot of ideas of where I needed and wanted to be. And so many Can’ts (won’ts) So, far in these 6 days of 2019. I have been being, doing and bucking the unrealistic expectations. It tastes good to say the least. Yes, their is some salty moments, but I’m resting Easy in them too. Doing me each day a little bit more. 

Writing daily on the Blog. Showing up for Dedicate- 30 day Yoga Journey via Yoga with Adriene. Taking the Day with Little actions that hopefully will turn into Big Picture Progress. Letting Go of People, Ideas and Things that aren’t serving me in the moment. And showing myself Kindness again. 

And thanks for coming along with me.  

Love, C.  

Dedicate/Day 2. Foundation.


On the Mat: 40 minutes.

Observations: I woke up with a good ache from yesterday. Day 2 is much better with clean wood floors and Polish free toes. Less distraction to focus on being more present in the practice. Love how Adriene gives us permission to modify and come as we are whatever level we are at. I know I’m a beginner for sure. Awkward at times with my poses, but still bringing the best I can. 

Insights: Foundation. Breathing and remembering to connect with my body. Not fighting it’s current beginner status. And being present in the movements, showing a little love and not just going through the motions.  


But, I’ll Take Today: It’s a work day and I need to drink my water. And Let Go. I also found out what nameste means:) to Bow and honor ourselves and each other. 

Tomorrow: Day 3. Observe. 

Love, C.  

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Dedicate/Day 1. Discern.


On the Mat: 50 minutes.  

Observations: I showed up. My back ached, but I still felt strong. Yes, I will find my groove. Adriene is funny, kind and perfectly quirky. I planked and my arms shaked. I really need to sweep my floor and do a little pedicure if I’m gonna be on the mat more. I breathed deep and it reminded me of how far I have come. Self-care is important. I didn’t have to use my pink pillow. 

Insights: Strength over time. Discerning my why’s. And that I really am doing this to Rest Easy and Sink deeper into who I am and Not fight to be something other then Cindy Today. Imperfect, but showing kindness to myself by showing up. 


But, I’ll Take Today: A Pedicure. A Clean floor and finding out what Namaste means:) 

Tomorrow: Day 2. Foundation.  

Love, C.  

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Dedicate/Day 0. Orientation.


Hi I’m Cynthia or Cindy if you’ve known me for along time. I’m a curious soul and like trying new things. So, I’ve decided to go on this 30 day Yoga Journey with many other cool souls out there:) And being a storyteller, I’m gonna try to tell the story as well as I can. Keeping it simple.

Here goes:

On the Mat: 0 Minutes.  [Time spent on the Yoga Mat during this 30 day Journey and of course I’m giving myself more or less time permission] 

Observations: Orientation. No Yoga. Pep Talk. So, Glad I came across this opportunity to remember how to show up for myself again. Adriene seems so kind and it’s awesome that she is doing this for Free. And I love that she’s based out of my Beloved ATX. [Observations each day will be a mini version  to my daily practices of Flow Pages- uncensored whatever comes to mind.]

Insights: I’m just gonna show up. No giant expectations. Just Resting Easy in my 2019 intentions of sinking into Who I Am and not trying to chase ideals that don’t serve me.  [Insights are my little a-ha moments or tiny epiphanies/sparks that show up to remind me of the bigger picture] 

Calendar. A  free download  from Dedicate. I’ve decided to post it each day and cross off my progress with  A Design Kit . 

Calendar. A free download from Dedicate. I’ve decided to post it each day and cross off my progress with A Design Kit

But, I’ll Take Today: Get my Mat out. And discover my Why’s- Find my strength again. Take Deep Breaths and learn something new.  [Todays little actions and acceptance of Now.]

Tomorrow: Day 1. Discern.  [Whats up for the next day] 

I hope this break down helps and you might choose to come along with me. 

Love, C.  

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:) 

Girl, Wash Your Face.


Just like my Momma always taught me, “You never go to bed with a dirty face. Cleanse, Moisturize and maybe even do a mask.” I literally can count on two hands of adulthood how many times I went to bed with a unwashed face and it usually involved too much alcohol:) The other 100,000 of nights even if still alcohol or sickness was involved. I get that face washed and I swear by it. No lie here. 

So, when I saw Rachel’s Hollis Book of the same title keep popping up on my IG feed and finally seeing it on the shelf of my local Target. It went home with me. And then it sat. And sat some more on my writing table. It eventually was moved to my bedside to sit again. I will be honest here, I had resistance to opening its pages.  

Some guilt for buying it when I’m broke as no joke. Some Trepidation that it would be another feel good book that motivated me to take on my world of self-doubt and find myself worse off than before.   But, a bad day came. The kind of day where you say fuck it, what do I have to lose. And my resistance cowered in the corner as I opened the pages. 

I didn’t put it down unless I had to pee, go to work or eat. I had a pen with me as I read. Underlining. Putting notes in the margins. I also laughed, cried, and even read chapters that I thought I couldn’t relate too.  

By the time I finished the last paragraph. I knew why Rachel Hollis is New York Times Best Seller, a motivational speaker and CCO with well over 900k followers on Instagram. She’s Real. I mean Vulnerable, Strong Real. She lived the Messy parts, the disappointments and works Real Hard without compromising Humanness of Who She is to fit into a Mold others might of expect.  

So, Read her book. I know if I could I would buy you all a copy and a shiny pen to go along with it. I would, I really would.

And as the the Book Cover Tagline says, “Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are. So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be.” 

It’s seriously not too late. 

Love, c.  



In this month of Thanksgiving, home is numero uno on my gratitude list. Over the years I’ve had many of them, especially while growing up. But, my Mother always taught me the true recipe for what made a plain house really a Home of homes. A big dose of Character, a few Objects of Affection and the secret sauce of moments/memories. I hope this little essay helps you too find a little gratitude in your own current home. 



My current home oozes with it. A old Hotel built in 1920 now turned into Apartments. It still holds it’s by-gone charm. Old Telephone booth, great Gatsby chandeliers and a grand piano in the lobby. Some of it to my own chagrin, like the original wool, smelly hallway carpet with it’s lumpy horsehair (yes, horsehair) sub floor padding that is better suited for the 70’s horror classic the Shining🤭 in my 2nd Floor Hallway. But, it’s the price you pay for old and unique I guess. 

But, my little studio apartment itself I couldn’t be more in love with though. It’s corner location with the best warmer month cross breeze you could ask for and the all year around perfect natural light for any photo shoot I choose:) 

Then there’s the high ceilings, grey walls trimmed with white wainscoting. Even a pink tiled bathroom just like my beloved Grandmothers and a breakfast nook that I swear was made just for my Grandfathers handmade table from the same era.  

Oh it’s just perfect for me to wake up to every morning in my cozy bed surrounded by light. Then   soon after beckoning me to my writing table for coffee and city sights outside my window.  I truly couldn’t ask for more character now to call home.  

Objects of Affection. 


I’m surrounded by them. A mix of Mid-century with family heirlooms and of course the books. Neatly piled on the floor by my front windows, but still begging for custom shelves. Someday. 

Over the years though I’ve come to be more of a minimalist. I currently have nothing hanging on my walls and I kind of like it that way in small spaces. But, I’ve also learned having the things we love around us really helps to make a home special. I try also to get rid of the things that mean little me now or have served their purpose but know-longer fit into my current life or style. Even things that meant something to others. I know it sounds harsh, but if it’s not something you love get rid of it. A huge reminder that things aren’t people. Take a photo and let it go.      



The stories walls hold and these walls hold a lot. My stories and the ones that go back to it’s first tenant. I often love imagining what they might be while I sip my own coffee in the morning while I live out my own story here.  

Mine has been of solitude and comfort after healing from my surprise open heart surgery. Learning to navigate a new life in a city where my Father was born. Loving the unique charecters and neighborhood I live in that has opened my eyes in a way I never imagined. Finding my lifelong Faith being challenged to a place of awesome openness to infinite possibility. Meeting true independence for the first time and finding loneliness not as a enemy, but as a cool friend that has taught me how kick-ass I really am.  Having my creativity reawaken in big magic sort of way and not limiting it to old dreams. Entertaining Friends and Neighbors with my famous Mexican Martinis and not so famous homestyle tacos. Long distance conversations with my dear Dad usually on Friday nights. Just to name a few for now until new ones arise.

A reminder our overall story is on-going and new characters and memories should always be welcome in any house we call home. But, in the meantime it’s nice to be here. 

Love, C.  



Last night on my way home from work waiting for the bus. A man striked up a conversation with me about the brilliance of the full moon. These kind of conversations with strangers often find me, especially living in the city. But, I’m ok with it. In some ways I’ve learned to welcome these short moments with people I will never see again. Often like the changing of seasons and this current one. They come and go so quick. It’s definitely not unlike the newest cycle of the moon:) 

Reminding me this morning as I awoke while too realizing I also needed creamer for my coffee:) I immediately threw on my writing sweater (yep I have such a thing) to head down to my neighborhood corner store. It’s not atypical gas station stop, it’s literally a old store in the basement of the apartment building next to me. And It’s definitely from another era, not mine but my Grandparents. And I love that I get to time travel every time the store door jingles open for me. 

Today was no different, My Buddy Robert was working, who intriguely is a former professional dancer now turned Farmers Market Founder (which is now closed for the season) who also has lived the most fascinating life and his beautiful blue eyes tell it ten folds. And there also by the register were also a few other of my favorite neighborhood characters including my Landlord buying organic coffee and being super disappointed that the store was out of his favorite donuts:) and they only had the awful crusty coconut flake ones left. Which actually are my favorites:)  Hee! 

I then ended up having coffee with them all except the landlord. He needed to get back to Lording:)  So, me not caring with no bra on and still having epic bed head. Embracing that my corner store loves me at even my most dishelved.

We then all ended up talking about a mydrid of subjects: The history of my 1920’s building, the article pitch I’m currently working on for the Huffington Post, the oldest Catholic Church in New Mexico and how I actually do jump from subject to subject when I’m excited which also recently a friend brought to my attention for the first time;) By the way Robert does it as well and Thank God I’m not alone in this awful affliction:) 

But, we did actually end our random coffee talk rant eventually with how I began this post. The moon and how tonight will be a Real Full Moon instead of last night. See every story is usually woven together. Where the tides will be pulled as with this very present season. Some unpredictablity and perhaps a little lunacy of getting out of our usual cycle and trying something new might occur. I doubt it, but it’s nice to imagine sometimes. 

Thanks for swinging by for this little post and I wish you a wonderful rest of October and unique full moon wherever you are. I promise I will start blogging again too and for the love of God editing before pushing post😮. ♥️🌛


Flow Pages.


Nearly every morning I write. It’s what wakes me up in the morning. The golden hours of creativity where ideas sometimes FLOW faster than my pen can travel across the page. Or their our mornings like today when I’m tired, foggy or frustrated. But, the pages inevitably help me work it out and center again. ⠀

Over the many years of this daily ritual of writing. It has evolved. First beginning as a exercise called MORNING PAGES from THE ARTIST WAY by @juliacameronlive But, In the last few years I’ve added my own Spin to the three pages of whatever comes to mind. And now affectionally call them FLOW PAGES. Here’s a little creative breakdown: ⠀

1. Greeting. I always begin with a Good Morning God to center myself in keeping it real, authentic and Open to insight and approaching the pages as a act of prayer and meditation instead of fruitless bitch fest:) but that does happen on occasion😜 ⠀

2. Gratitude. This has been something I added in the last year. I will be honest this has grounded, centered and even kept me sane in the most trying of times. I write out it least ten things from the most mundane to the profound. Lately I have been focusing on gratitude for the challenges and the lessons I’m learning. It’s heart imploding to see how the things we resist or detest in our lives can actually be the very gifts to help us grow. ⠀

3. Flow. This is where the big magic writing happens. Where ideas show up excite me, help me and even calm me. The book Big Magic by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer really helped me define this time on the page and the wonder of ideas and creativity. Allowing the Flow each morning. It’s so cool:) ⠀

4. Thank you. As I always begin with Good Morning. I always end with a Thank you. Thanking God, the Universe or Jesus:) whatever you love to say:) For this little slice of morning peace, presence and Creativity to begin my day. I hope you have your own little ritual😊 and if you don’t this might help you start your own in some way:) ⠀

Happy Saturday. C.

Open Heart.


Open Heart. Life closes it sometimes. Circumstances break it. But, the other morning as I laid in bed with a bright morning sunrise flooding my studio. I was reminded that the closed sign I hang around my heart really doesn’t protect me. It only keeps me from the one thing I’m meant to do in this little life. Love. ⠀

Yes, loving is unpredictable. Yes, loving can hurt wildly. But, it also heals and surpasses any of our expectations. 

So, now again my heart is open and ready for beautiful business♥️ how about yours? ⠀

Happy Tuesday. C.

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Light Story Kit™/Plan+Prep.


Over the weekend I received Ali Edwards Light Story Kit™and I could barely contain my excitement in getting that parcel envelope open. It’s no secret if you read this weeks post on Why December Daily Matters that I’m back to Memory Keeping. While I’ve never stopped telling stories here or on Instagram, I took a physical break from creating projects. Like with any passion or hobby theirs definitely a ebb and flow. I’m definitely in the flow part right now and ready to make again:) 

Light Story Kit™

The first time I saw it, a lightbulb went off:) I knew this was my perfect re-beginning point to creating stories again. I loved its optimistic, bold design and all the ideas it sparked for me.   

Light has been such a powerful metaphor in my life in the last year. Chasing, embracing the Light of Possibility and even its physical presence (Summer Light, Longer Days) in my everyday life. 

So, I’m beyond ready to bask in the stories I’m Planning and Pepping. I’m excited to share it with you:) 



My planning process was definitely different this time around and a little rusty. But, way fun navigating new routes to planning a project. 

So, it first began accessing the Story Kit community via Ali’s site. Each month includes a Video presentation that helps you with your Why of each months kit. If your already a subscriber this might be ‘repetitive, I already know this stuff:) But, for as a first timer, the presentation was a big a-ha moment of ideas and huge reminder of why I’m getting back to this amazing story-telling outlet.

I actually watched the video twice:) The second time after downloading the Story Worksheet. Good stuff:) And then even took more idea notes after reading the PDF Handout.  

All these Story sparking tools are awesome. Definitely worth doing the homework and I’m blown away by how my initial Light Story plans have grown into something more diverse and eclectic.  


The prep piece has come so easy. I’ve picked about four stories to tell and ready to print the pictures. Pulled out and dusted off my stash of supplies, page protectors and album. I’ve start writing the stories and sketching out my individual story designs. I’m currently working on placement of the products from the kits I will use in my 6x8 album. I’m really enjoying the process and staying open to trying new ideas:) 

I should have my Light Story done by the end of the month. And keeping in mind that Done is Fun:) Giving myself permission to be a re-novice again. Finding a lot of inspiration from the design team as well. Realizing that I don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time I create. 

So, I will keep you posted and of course share here and in Instagram when I’m done:) Thanks for coming along with me over the years on this creative journey. And do share what Stories you are telling this month:) loved to know.  

Love, C.  

Why December Daily Matters/2018.


I know it’s only the first part of September. The leaves haven’t even changed yet and it’s technically summer still according to the calendar. But, as a storyteller and a memory keeper this season awakes my planning creative senses like a mofo;) and my comfort food cravings. I’ll leave that for another post. Wink. 

So, my head is currently swirling with memory keeping ideas. Photos to print. Stories wanting to be told. The yearnings to play with paper and design. And finding inspiration in the everyday again like my stash of old Schoolhouse Electric & Supply co. Catalogues.  

But, what do I do with it all? It’s no secret if you’ve been following my blog for awhile that the stories have remained, but the memory keeping has taken a big back seat. But, I’m pretty ready to get back in the drivers seat and December Daily is on my direct scenic route agenda:) Which has gotten me thinking of why December Daily matters so much? 


Its more than Paper and Pretties.  

Don’t get me wrong it helps:) I love myself some good design and Ali Edwards recent December Daily product release is lovely. But, here’s my but... purchasing supplies aren’t my gig right now or in my budget. Hey maybe in November when things are all sold out, I’ll be kicking myself. But, that’s OK.

After lasts May’s Week in the Life my supply tune shifted a bit. I was impressed with my fruits of storytellling, I finished! Pretty big feat for me;) I grew so much in my storytelling and approach. It was pretty exciting and a big reminder for me to not get caught in having the right papers and pretties. 

Yes; I would love for my 2018 Week in the Life someday to live outside my blog and in a Album. But, getting the story told was far more impactful.  

Sometimes... a Magical Time of the Year.  

Who doesn’t love the Christmas season. Yes, they’re are the few Scrooge’s out there:) But, most of us are full of anticipation, planning and nostalgia on over drive. But, sometimes even if we are in love with the season it can be difficult and even vulnerable to tell some stories. I know it’s for me. I don’t fit in the perfect Christmas Box as I’m guessing many or most of us don’t. But, even those kind of stories are worth telling.  

Yesterday during the December Daily pre-product launch happy hoop-la on the Facebook group. I came across a wonderful December Daily Page Album walk-through video by Brandi Kincaid. I was so inspired  by her storytelling of the season. It was so authentic, creative and vulnerable. I loved how she shared her grief and how this last season is so different without her Mother. I myself know this too well. And by Brandi sharing so openly, it has given me permission to do the same this year. Pretty cool, Right? Thank you Brandi! 

What is it you Plan to do with your One Wild and Precious Life?  

Ali Edwards, the founder of the December Daily project often over the years have referenced this ending line in Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Summer Day”? and I’ve definitely have took it to heart with my own approach to memory keeping and life in general. 

My own current plan for December Daily this year is to keep it simple. I’ve already made 30 plus bucket list of People, Places and Things I want to document (I will share it in the first part of October, if your curious:) But, I also want to stay Open to Stories that find me beyond the list and begging to be told:) I’m excited to see what shows up:) 

For Design, I plan to be a little Wild and Unpredictable. Shop my current stash and add new items that excite me (hence the inspo from the old Schoolhouse Electric Catalogues:)  I really want to go grass roots and outside of the box.  

These plans really excite me! And when we are doing projects like this... we should be thrilled right?!?  

Ok, Now it’s your turn to share What December Daily means to you this year? What are your plans? And whats getting you excited about the stories you will be telling?  

Seasons Greetings:) J/K.  Now lets get back to September:) 


End of Summer Light.


End of Summer Light. It’s in its last days. Kids are going back to school and I can see the light changing. The sunsets are coming earlier. I’m finding myself changing up my routines with the cooler weather. Hitting the snooze button more to stay cozy in bed or going to bed early to read or re-watch favorite series like Mad Men or Masters of Sex. Autumn Nostalgia is definitely creeping in, but their is a little sadness for summer coming to a close. ⠀

But, I want to remember this summer light. The surprise of cultivating to new friendships. Summer evening happy hours downtown. Fresh flowers from the Farmers Market. Walking by my favorite fountain. Getting out of my Dating comfort zone. My trip back to my other home ATX. Eating fresh watermelon for supper. Snuggly fitting into my favorite dress. Embracing my natural hair color and enjoying it’s natural highlights. Flip Flops. New Podcasts on my daily walks. My neighborhood. ⠀

Just to name a few. Now it’s your turn. What has been your summer light? What about this transitioning of seasons resonates with you?

August Sunnies.


Summer is fading people. It’s kinda freaking me out. I’m gonna miss the green, long days and my flip-flop tan lines. And my summer style shades most of all. This year I only had one pair, but I went through a few of them 😎. Thank God they were cheap. 

In honor of my own Modern version of the classic ray-ban wayfarer’s. I’m sharing few of other favorite pretty peeper shade covers for the last dog days of summer. *And I kept them at a reasonable price point for the “You might lose them” factor. enjoy:

 📷: oui fresh

 📷: oui fresh

I see these Oui Fresh Original Daisy Sunnies $32 (Black Magic) all over Instagram and they are so damn cute. They also come in Toddler sizes and  many charming colors. 

📷: madewell

📷: madewell

I love the curved frames with the dark lens. It Couldn’t be more timeless summer if they tried.  Madewell Halliday in Milky Tungsten Glow $65.

 📷: h&m

 📷: h&m

A more delicate version of my own favorite shades from H&M $9.99 this summer. 

 📷: madewell via j.crew. 

 📷: madewell via j.crew. 

J.Crew Boardwalk in Black Tort, $65. Never can go wrong with this style. Classic, but streamlined for 2018.

 📷: zara

 📷: zara

Zara Cat eye sunglasses in Black, $25.90 Bold yet Lady-Like and the price you can’t beat to have stash laying around. 

Now it’s your turn... what’s your fave summer shades and are you panicking about the impending season change?  

Happy Friyay. Love, C.  

Finding Your Groove.


Hey! Hey! Right now I’m really intentionally finding my groove again with some goals of mine. As you probably know it seems like perpetual process. But, if you have been following me over at Instagram. You know I have been taliking a lot about the In-Between of Goals and how they truly are the sweet spot of lasting growth. Yes, end goals do totally matter. They motivate and get us excited:)  But, being in the Now and finding  our groove on what works or doesn’t gets us even closer. That’s where I am at right now and I wanna share with you how it’s going:) 


I’m actually at a really good place with my health right now. Seriously the best I have been in years. A Goal met I guess:) After this last year of recovering from my Open Heart Surgery, which  in itself has been transforming experience to say the least. To go from daily struggling with breathing and no energy to not even having asthma:) and having so much energy I barely know what to do with it! Has given me a new hope I never imagined. I became so accustomed to feeling like crap all the time. I had no idea what feeling good was anymore and hating exercise though I still made myself do it! 

Now Every-time I go for a walk or hike... I love to push myself even further. Feeling that air in my lungs is amazing. And when it comes to my weight loss goals it’s even better too. It wasn’t always until recently...

Right after my surgery and over the winter even though I had been super active. The weight would not come off and even creeped back on too. It was beyond frustrating until I was introduced to the concept of cortisol by my Dr. and how stress plays a gigantic part in our health and even weight loss. 

Back in November I was then hospitalized for exhaustion, depression and PTSD. Finally realizing, I had not dealt with the trauma of my life threatening condition. My physician then explained to me how Cortisol (fear and flight hormone effects us including holding onto weight to protect us). It was such eye-opening concept to say the least. Now with new medications and counseling. The weight is coming off again. But, more importantly I’m finding my way with Authentic self-care again. 


The concept of self-care has definitely changed for me in the last year too. It’s more than a relaxing bath (actually baths gross me out;) or doing my daily morning pages. It’s now about being my own advocate and taking care of myself and knowing if I don’t no one will:)  

Over the past year I have learned this lesson ten-folds. Learning to follow through with my to-do’s and don’ts. Embracing my own Miss Independent. Don’t get me wrong there is still room for improvement. Like with budgeting;) But, I’m going with the learning curve and giving my past Sick self some slack as well in the guilt dept. I physically and mentally did not have the energy. Now I Do and it makes a world of difference:) 

How do you practice your own version of self-care?  


When I was laying in that Hospital bed with my Chest sewed up. My creative goals were on my new fixed heart big time. Since I lived through it, I knew I could get back to the joy of creating in whole new joie de vie. So, now still holding myself to that goal. I redesigned my blog and have been on this wild journey of finding my new vision of creativity since. And making room for it with my work life.  


We all gotta do it and as I learned from one of my favorite books this last year, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB. It’s what allows me to enjoy this blogging thing and actually the job I hold in real-time can be fun.  

Yes, with all the events and goals I have at work. It can be stressful and the dynamics of the customer personalities I work with too. But, once I decided to stop wishing I could just do my creativity full-time. I still haven’t gave up on that dream, but I have found a different approach to looking at it now via this amazing podcast from Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School, Being a Good Employee (Episode 207). 

It’s been a game changer for me. Realizing I’m where I need to be right now. My company and the people I work with deserve the best me there and the  unique value I bring. Yes, I might not get the cheers to me everyday. But, I’m learning to do that for myself and not look for outside validation. It’s such empowering feeling! 

Now your turn: How are you finding your groove on goals currently?

Happy Thursday! Love, C.  



Moving. I know you can’t go back to a place and expect it to be the same. I think of this last photo (2013) I took of my old apartment that I had shared with my ex-husband. Everything was packed except this vintage stool and my then current bag. I loved both of these things. The stool was headed to the dumpster that last day and the bag since then has bit the dust as well. *Wasn’t it cool? BTW. But,I remember in that moment as if it was yesterday... Standing in that apartment alone with all my memories of my marriage and the hopes for what was to come on my own again. Now five years later I am in a similar place minus the ex-husband😂. A place where change is beckoning me and mingling with gratitude for the blessings these last two years in the twin cities has given me. But, I am so ready for a new chapter in Austin again. Experiencing it with a whole new joie de vie that I couldn’t of before. Yes, Austin isn’t the same as when I left nor am I. But, I’m open wholly to 2nd Chances😊.

Do you have any 2nd Chances you are embarking on right now? 

Love, C.