©StoryboardC. August 2017

  ©StoryboardC. August 2017


*She tells stories. Big or small. Cynthia is a Minnesota girl through and through. Last year she moved back home from a lively two year adventure in Austin, Texas. Now residing in a charming studio apartment in Downtown Minneapolis and Yes living the modern version of The Mary Tyler Moore Show:) though she refrains from throwing her hat up in the air while walking downtown and her boss unfortunately is not Mr. Grant.  

When she is not blogging, she enjoys writing in third person for this about page. Wink. Wink. She also is a single, red lipstick wearing divorcee (who actually is finally OK with being on her own). Is more likely found drinking, a obscene amount of coffee in the morning or thinking of ways of doing what she loves for a living (designing websites). She does still enjoy a Mexican Martini or a current favorite: The Madras on occasion as well. Not in the Morning, but mid-day at the earliest of course:) Cynthia also in the last year experienced a transforming Health Scare. Having to undergo Open Heart Surgery to repair a heart valve damaged by a childhood bout with rheumatic fever (Yes, it sounds like a scene from Little Women). This experience has truly altered her life forever. Teaching her to appreciate fully this wild, fleeting life adventure that can end at anytime. Creating also a new mission for her to share this new perspective with others:)

She is also a lifelong, since she can remember Francophile. A lover of all Mid-Century-Modern and YES the Kennedy's are included. She too equally can be found deeply dabbling in reading (Biographies, Catholic Theology/Studies, Good Old Self-Help and Vintage Decorating/Design), Obsessive PODCAST listening and Pinteresting. 

Things she wants to do more of... Modern Memory Keeping aka Scrapbooking (it seriously is a really cool hobby), Hiking, City Biking, Thrifting, Cooking, Buying Fresh Flowers, Travelling, Photography and Meeting a real cool guy to date. And Thanking YOU the readers of StoryboardC.  Love you Guys!