Badge of Brave/Heart.

Badge of Brave-Heart-StoryboardC.

I took this picture the Sunday morning before my surgery. I wanted to remember what it was like and recently came across it in my phone. I actually purposely forgot about it. I gasped when I saw it, whoa I was scared and I truly did not know what to expect. Now it is like staring at someone, I want to grab and embrace. Reassure her it will be OK. You will feel the best that you had forgotten and thrilled daily to be able to have the life you imagined again. Yes, now that bare chest carries a scar. And that scar was once open to fix something that allows these very precious everyday moments of life you cherish. Yes, the pain was nothing you ever imagined nor the fear. But, each day of healing and all those experiences you now hold dear were worth it. It restored your Faith, reminded you that you have a purpose still here and NO you are not Alone. 

Badge of Brave-Heart-Hospital-StoryboardC.

On Monday I return to work. I am excited. But, I am so grateful for this time to heal and all the lessons I have learned. Last week I began seeing a counselor at my new Parish. Their were a lot of tears from both of us:) Recounting the last couple of months and all the blessings. My gratitude for family and friends that walked this journey with me, knowing my Mother wasn't with me and My Dad couldn't come up. Thank you to the Surgeon that gave me this second chance and the Hospital staff with the outpatient team that showed me such compassion. Then my Rehab crew who has encouraged me to become better than before. I feel a little like a bird leaving the nest:) But, they have all given me the tools to fly again in the world. I am ready with my badge of brave (no scar here;)  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Happy Friday!

Love, Cindy