Brave/One Little Word.


I am just keeping with the New Years Theme this whole week:) Literally Chilling (it have been brutally cold up in these parts) with my One Little Word for 2018. It wasn't hard choosing it after last year, It kind feels like it "chose" me. Maybe a second act of some sorts. Whatever it is... I am ready for more Brave in my life. It kind of freaks me out even saying that:) But, Bring it:)  Remember, "If it ain't uncomfortable, it's not Brave." 

My Brave. 

I will take more risks. I will tell Fear to suck it. I will be Confident in my Inner Compass. I will take more unknown Roads. I will take Action, even if there is Resistance. I will Embrace the Unwanted. I will fail. I will get up again and again.  I will Say what is not Expected. I will Open my Heart. I will live my Creativity. .I will be BRAVE. 

Now for your word. Let me know below and why you chose it. And if you haven't yet check out One Little Word® Guru Ali Edwards and her 2018 WORD

Love, C.