NYE/Page 365.


Are you ready Today/Tonight to Type out that last page of 2017? I know I am. We made it People. I made it and You Made it. That alone causes for deep celebration. And Tomorrow we get to wake up to a brand new page! Number 1! How cool is that ?!? So, many possibilities and new moments are waiting for us! Such a beautiful thing.

But, before we get a head of ourselves... first let's write out our last page for 2017. Take some time to reflect, congratulate, mourn or confess what did or didn't work. Then create a ritual with that last page. Burn it or Read it out loud to yourself and maybe tuck it away. Whatever you decide to do. Just make sure to finish this year off with Gratitude. Because tomorrow is ours for the creating:)


We get to try again. We get to write things differently. Maybe even Better or at the least wiser.  We get to meet new People, Places and Experiences. Maybe, just maybe we get the chance for Hope to arrive in New surprising ways. 

I truly hope 2017 has served you well, even if it has brought lessons that seemed impossible. But, again. WE MADE IT.

Cheers and Blessings to you in 2018. And I will See You There :)

Love, C.