This Story/Table.

A table of Generations. 

A table of Generations. 

My Grandparents sat at this table. My Mother, the youngest and her four siblings sat at this table as well. Family meals in a small Apartment in central Minnesota happened at this table. Homework, Baking and late night adult conversations were at this table. Prayers were said at this table.

Then my Mother and Father sat at this table together. Newlywed laughter and novice cooking happened at this Table. Late night get together's with college friends were at this table. Then my Mother wrote letters at this table telling loved ones that  know longer would two sit there, but three.

Then I too sat at this table, first in a high chair making silly faces back and forth with my Dad while my mother playfully said, "Quit it you two." Then once again there were family dinners, birthday celebrations and special guests at this table.

Then we moved to a bigger house and this table became a secondary one. Replaced by a new 70's version with finer pleather cushion seats. The old table eventually moved to Sun Rooms or Basement Playrooms for me.  But, this table still was my favorite.

Then my Parents divorced and the table stayed with my Mother.  Years forward,  My Stepfather joined her at this table. New traditions of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals were served at this table. New laughter and family members also sat at this table. Again Prayers were said at this table.

I said long Good-byes to my Mother at this table. We organized her pills together at this Table while she was in Hospice.  She passed away in the same room as this table.  Heartbroken I opened many condolences cards and my Stepfather and I planned my Mothers funeral at this Table. 

Then my dear Step-Father passed away 6 months later,  This table became solely  mine.  It 'lived' in my storage unit until I was ready to use and really see it again.

Now nearly 5 years later, this table is home again. Sitting as if my Grandpa made it to perfectly fit in my little Studio Apartment.   Now I write, eat and create at this table. I polish it with lemon pledge each week just as I did when I was little.  It now holds my paper and odds with ends of life that I straighten before I go to bed. But, most all This table holds generations of love and the hope for many more.

Love, C. 

*She Tells Stories Technique : I used repetitive journaling as a way to convey the importance of this beloved object of affection from my past into its present place in my life. I plan on creating a scrapbook with This Story Series or integrate into them into my Project Life album. But, for now I am Ok this Story lives on my blog. A reminder to just tell our stories in whatever way works best in the moment. 

**This Story will be a New Bi-Monthly Modern Memory Keeping Feature/Prompt focused on Celebrating the People, Places and Things that make up our Life Stories.