Power Lines.


I asked you once what was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen... "Power Lines at Sunset". And Today I remembered you. Our Morning coffees, sharing secret uncool things. Oh the writing and your perfect lyrical tongue. I met you on the verge of your pursuit of happiness and regretted many years for not being braver. 

But, Today I am full of gratitude. Summer nights. Driving in the Volvo, peeling through parking lots. Listening to music I never imagined. Being OK with not being the good girl. Letting down the layers. Puke inducing laughter. Beautiful Spins. Ah youth. Thanks for the short time. I hope I told you how wonderful you were. I think I did. If not, sending it your way wherever you are now. 

Love, C. 

PS I still write nearly everyday and yes I am still the coolest girl:)