Shake It Up.


I have been drinking my Breakfast for years:) It all began with my Mom back in the late 80's when she jumped on the Tofu trend train😂.  She would throw it in the blender with ice, fat-free milk and some kind of fruit. It was actually filling, fast and easy on the stomach in the morning vs. eating a typical breakfast. Fast Forward to now, I am still doing the Shake thing minus the tofu:) So, my most recent Nutrition Shake Powder find is pretty yum-tastic and full of all the Healthy goodies I have been looking for... I have tried so many in the past some awesome (Arbonne is pretty fantastic, but pricey ($76) and that dreaded having to wait to buy it from a direct sales site) or the icky ones that taste like you grabbed a bunch of twigs and dried leaves from the yard😂. So, without further ado I would like you to meet: 

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Nutrition Shake:) I am really digging the New Pure Vanilla version, but they also have other flavors (Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter and the Original). 

This Shake you guys is seriously a powerhouse. When I first picked it up at Target. I was so impressed with how easy the back ingredient label read. No weird scientific sounding words. Very Straight forward and each Packet includes: 2 Servings of Fruits and Veggies. 7 Alkalizing Greens (If your curious as I was to know what that means. I will have a link below:) and 20 Grams of Plant Based Protein. 

When I picked up my first few packets, I was a little worried about the taste. But, when I made my first shake...I was pleasantly relieved. It tasted so darn good. It really mixed well with my usual ingredients of Vanilla Almond Milk and Frozen Organic Peaches. The Texture was smooth as well. 

It's definitely a Shake win for me and I hope you will give it a try if you're the liquid breakfast kind of person🙂. *And no I am not getting paid for this review:) **And also. for my Gluten Free or Vegan Friends is good for you too. Plus it's USDA Organic. Win. Win. 

Seriously Let me Know if you try it:) and Happy Healthy Day to YOU.

Love, C.

StoryboardC. Note:

10 Alkalizing Foods to Help Heal/Amazing Grass

FYI: The shake packets are less expensive than purchasing the 11 servings container. And it is a great way to try them.