Flow Pages.


Nearly every morning I write. It’s what wakes me up in the morning. The golden hours of creativity where ideas sometimes FLOW faster than my pen can travel across the page. Or their our mornings like today when I’m tired, foggy or frustrated. But, the pages inevitably help me work it out and center again. ⠀

Over the many years of this daily ritual of writing. It has evolved. First beginning as a exercise called MORNING PAGES from THE ARTIST WAY by @juliacameronlive But, In the last few years I’ve added my own Spin to the three pages of whatever comes to mind. And now affectionally call them FLOW PAGES. Here’s a little creative breakdown: ⠀

1. Greeting. I always begin with a Good Morning God to center myself in keeping it real, authentic and Open to insight and approaching the pages as a act of prayer and meditation instead of fruitless bitch fest:) but that does happen on occasion😜 ⠀

2. Gratitude. This has been something I added in the last year. I will be honest this has grounded, centered and even kept me sane in the most trying of times. I write out it least ten things from the most mundane to the profound. Lately I have been focusing on gratitude for the challenges and the lessons I’m learning. It’s heart imploding to see how the things we resist or detest in our lives can actually be the very gifts to help us grow. ⠀

3. Flow. This is where the big magic writing happens. Where ideas show up excite me, help me and even calm me. The book Big Magic by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer really helped me define this time on the page and the wonder of ideas and creativity. Allowing the Flow each morning. It’s so cool:) ⠀

4. Thank you. As I always begin with Good Morning. I always end with a Thank you. Thanking God, the Universe or Jesus:) whatever you love to say:) For this little slice of morning peace, presence and Creativity to begin my day. I hope you have your own little ritual😊 and if you don’t this might help you start your own in some way:) ⠀

Happy Saturday. C.