Last night on my way home from work waiting for the bus. A man striked up a conversation with me about the brilliance of the full moon. These kind of conversations with strangers often find me, especially living in the city. But, I’m ok with it. In some ways I’ve learned to welcome these short moments with people I will never see again. Often like the changing of seasons and this current one. They come and go so quick. It’s definitely not unlike the newest cycle of the moon:) 

Reminding me this morning as I awoke while too realizing I also needed creamer for my coffee:) I immediately threw on my writing sweater (yep I have such a thing) to head down to my neighborhood corner store. It’s not atypical gas station stop, it’s literally a old store in the basement of the apartment building next to me. And It’s definitely from another era, not mine but my Grandparents. And I love that I get to time travel every time the store door jingles open for me. 

Today was no different, My Buddy Robert was working, who intriguely is a former professional dancer now turned Farmers Market Founder (which is now closed for the season) who also has lived the most fascinating life and his beautiful blue eyes tell it ten folds. And there also by the register were also a few other of my favorite neighborhood characters including my Landlord buying organic coffee and being super disappointed that the store was out of his favorite donuts:) and they only had the awful crusty coconut flake ones left. Which actually are my favorites:)  Hee! 

I then ended up having coffee with them all except the landlord. He needed to get back to Lording:)  So, me not caring with no bra on and still having epic bed head. Embracing that my corner store loves me at even my most dishelved.

We then all ended up talking about a mydrid of subjects: The history of my 1920’s building, the article pitch I’m currently working on for the Huffington Post, the oldest Catholic Church in New Mexico and how I actually do jump from subject to subject when I’m excited which also recently a friend brought to my attention for the first time;) By the way Robert does it as well and Thank God I’m not alone in this awful affliction:) 

But, we did actually end our random coffee talk rant eventually with how I began this post. The moon and how tonight will be a Real Full Moon instead of last night. See every story is usually woven together. Where the tides will be pulled as with this very present season. Some unpredictablity and perhaps a little lunacy of getting out of our usual cycle and trying something new might occur. I doubt it, but it’s nice to imagine sometimes. 

Thanks for swinging by for this little post and I wish you a wonderful rest of October and unique full moon wherever you are. I promise I will start blogging again too and for the love of God editing before pushing post😮. ♥️🌛