In this month of Thanksgiving, home is numero uno on my gratitude list. Over the years I’ve had many of them, especially while growing up. But, my Mother always taught me the true recipe for what made a plain house really a Home of homes. A big dose of Character, a few Objects of Affection and the secret sauce of moments/memories. I hope this little essay helps you too find a little gratitude in your own current home. 



My current home oozes with it. A old Hotel built in 1920 now turned into Apartments. It still holds it’s by-gone charm. Old Telephone booth, great Gatsby chandeliers and a grand piano in the lobby. Some of it to my own chagrin, like the original wool, smelly hallway carpet with it’s lumpy horsehair (yes, horsehair) sub floor padding that is better suited for the 70’s horror classic the Shining🤭 in my 2nd Floor Hallway. But, it’s the price you pay for old and unique I guess. 

But, my little studio apartment itself I couldn’t be more in love with though. It’s corner location with the best warmer month cross breeze you could ask for and the all year around perfect natural light for any photo shoot I choose:) 

Then there’s the high ceilings, grey walls trimmed with white wainscoting. Even a pink tiled bathroom just like my beloved Grandmothers and a breakfast nook that I swear was made just for my Grandfathers handmade table from the same era.  

Oh it’s just perfect for me to wake up to every morning in my cozy bed surrounded by light. Then   soon after beckoning me to my writing table for coffee and city sights outside my window.  I truly couldn’t ask for more character now to call home.  

Objects of Affection. 


I’m surrounded by them. A mix of Mid-century with family heirlooms and of course the books. Neatly piled on the floor by my front windows, but still begging for custom shelves. Someday. 

Over the years though I’ve come to be more of a minimalist. I currently have nothing hanging on my walls and I kind of like it that way in small spaces. But, I’ve also learned having the things we love around us really helps to make a home special. I try also to get rid of the things that mean little me now or have served their purpose but know-longer fit into my current life or style. Even things that meant something to others. I know it sounds harsh, but if it’s not something you love get rid of it. A huge reminder that things aren’t people. Take a photo and let it go.      



The stories walls hold and these walls hold a lot. My stories and the ones that go back to it’s first tenant. I often love imagining what they might be while I sip my own coffee in the morning while I live out my own story here.  

Mine has been of solitude and comfort after healing from my surprise open heart surgery. Learning to navigate a new life in a city where my Father was born. Loving the unique charecters and neighborhood I live in that has opened my eyes in a way I never imagined. Finding my lifelong Faith being challenged to a place of awesome openness to infinite possibility. Meeting true independence for the first time and finding loneliness not as a enemy, but as a cool friend that has taught me how kick-ass I really am.  Having my creativity reawaken in big magic sort of way and not limiting it to old dreams. Entertaining Friends and Neighbors with my famous Mexican Martinis and not so famous homestyle tacos. Long distance conversations with my dear Dad usually on Friday nights. Just to name a few for now until new ones arise.

A reminder our overall story is on-going and new characters and memories should always be welcome in any house we call home. But, in the meantime it’s nice to be here. 

Love, C.