Moment Souvenirs.


Yesterday My friend Nicole asked if I had arrived home safe from my trip and why I hadn’t posted much while I was down there. Was the trip OK?

Actually It was more than OK... I was having so much in the moment that I forgot about my little phone screen.  Savoring every inch of vacation ...

Being greeted at the airport by the most friendliest of faces and a gigantic Champagne of beers.

Waking up in my old bedroom and hearing the morning doves cry.

Having coffee with my favorite palm trees as my view.

Feeling my creative juices again like they once were.

Visiting Favorite Watering holes, bartenders, drinking my signature cocktails and chatting with strangers.

Oh Being back in the lovely Land of misfits, where everyone truly belongs:)

Spending the early morning with my best friend laughing like we were 12 again, but with very adult hangovers:)

Going back to my old work and trying to keep it together with how much those people mean to me.

The best pool party I could of ever asked for surrounded by the most gracious of souls.

Getting a fancy pedicure and busting the place up after only one mimosa;)

Hearing ‘Roomie’ say “who is it?” on repeat.

Late night chats with my girlfriends in the garage.

New songs and old memories. 

Eating enough Tex Mex to catch up on all that I missed over a year.

Realizing that things haven’t changed much. 

Getting to drive around on familiar streets and still getting lost.

Hearing those charming Texas accents. 

Lasts, but not leasts... we as humans are not meant to be alone. We need others and God knows I do. 

I am so glad it was not Good-bye, but see you soon.  

Love, C.