Aging is Welcome Here.


It totally is! Because I don't know what your current age is right now, but the fact of the matter is your aging if you like it or not:) Recently as I was "travelling through Instagram land, I came across the notice of the passing of Cindy Joseph. A former make-up artist turned model at 49, who Continued always to embrace and encourage the Pro-Age Revolution via her own skincare and makeup line -Boom. The more I discover about Cindy. I am inspired to continue that legacy of pro-age in my own little way. I hope you join me as well. 

It Sure as Hell Beats the Alternative.

This is something my Dad always says when talking about aging and Death. I know it's a pretty blunt statement. But, with everyday that goes by or when we are in it. I will take the discolored skin, wrinkles forming over a casket any moment. Life is short and fleeting my friends. It seriously goes by quick and focusing on preventing the inevitable is not serving our time wisely at all. So, Let's strive as a global community of women to be the best version that we can be at whatever the number of years we have been and are here. 

Stop the Age Shaming/Comparison Game.

It goes for any age. I hear it all the time at work from clients, "Oh you could not pay me enough to go back to my 25. Yeah, they have nice skin..."

All ages of our life journey is relevant and sacred. We shouldn't shame/compare others or ourselves to where they are or were in the moment.   

And yes currently I am far more in love who I am now then when I was 25. I don't hate the 25 year old Cindy by any stretch. She was cool as shit by the way, but pretty naive and not comfortable in her own skin. Tough my own aging has definitely afforded me so many remarkable messes and opportunities to grow that I so cherish. I truly now love the old, younger Me for allowing myself to grow into who I am NOW.  And so should you. 

So, let's make a pinky promise to stop shaming women at any age and loving our own seasons. Using our unique wisdom to lift up and teach each other at any age to love ourselves instead. 

Selfies are Here to Stay.

So, I have been thinking a lot about Selfies and Social Media lately. Ok, I do usually I know weird. But, I love myself some behind the scenes tips, tricks and observations to improve my interaction with others. But, One thing that has recently got me thinking even more is Filters. 

I am not a hater of filters, I actually love them. I adore the creative quality they can convey and iPhone photography is my jam. I love losing myself in creating my own unique recipe for nostalgia on my photo's. But, the one thing I do shy away from is modifying me. Yes, I might lighten and brighten and slap on a vintage feel. But, I stay the same. I personally don't want to erase my imperfections or create something I am not. I don’t feel like I need too.

*Hey, yes I have pretty good skin for my age. I do take care of it and also come from a pretty kick-ass skin gene pool despite some of my lifestyle choices:) But, I do have some wrinkles and controlled Rosacea (thanks Dad:) And I'm so OK with it. And so should you!

I see so many friends my age filter the shit out of their photo's. Erasing any age on their faces. The filters don't bother me, but the possible idea behind it does.

Yes, Selfies are here to stay and It's pretty cool to document ourselves (it's actually not a new thing, it used to be called Self-Portraits and artists have been doing it for ages) and tell our stories. No Judgement here on that part (God knows I partake), but I’m concerned for all the modifying to the point of no recognition. It’s not worth it..

Because You are Beautiful Now. You are Unique Now. Your Imperfections are Badges of Courage. And Why would you erase what makes YOU remarkable? 

Stop it now and remember: 

Cindy Joseph via Boom

Cindy Joseph via Boom

“Your face tells a wonderful story. Why hide it?” -Cindy Joseph

Thank you for swinging by and so love to hear your heart thoughts on the Pro-Any Age Movement.  

Love, C.