Moving. I know you can’t go back to a place and expect it to be the same. I think of this last photo (2013) I took of my old apartment that I had shared with my ex-husband. Everything was packed except this vintage stool and my then current bag. I loved both of these things. The stool was headed to the dumpster that last day and the bag since then has bit the dust as well. *Wasn’t it cool? BTW. But,I remember in that moment as if it was yesterday... Standing in that apartment alone with all my memories of my marriage and the hopes for what was to come on my own again. Now five years later I am in a similar place minus the ex-husband😂. A place where change is beckoning me and mingling with gratitude for the blessings these last two years in the twin cities has given me. But, I am so ready for a new chapter in Austin again. Experiencing it with a whole new joie de vie that I couldn’t of before. Yes, Austin isn’t the same as when I left nor am I. But, I’m open wholly to 2nd Chances😊.

Do you have any 2nd Chances you are embarking on right now? 

Love, C.