Insta Stories//Yay or Nay?


I’m totally on the YAY Team! I Love myself some good Instagram Stories and the Super Duper Value they bring to our social media Storytelling. And I’m totally stoked to share my fave inspirations right now. ⠀⠀

But, first I’m dying to know how you are feeling about Insta Stories? Yay or Nay? Do you currently use them or do you just don’t pay any attention at all? Or maybe have little to no interest what so ever in creating one yourself. Or like me this last week... Where I attempted one for the first time that had major amateur fail status 😂 and brought me to the possible conclusion that this just might not be my insta jam🤣⠀

But, I was so so wrong after doing a little research! I came to the eye opening conclusion that with getting the basics of IG stories down. Doing some intentional planning and sharing some real stories of me. It could quite possibly boost my connections with others ten-folds! and I have two fabulous folks to thank for for that new found confidence😊 in possibly being able to pull off a good insta story. ⠀

Here they are... Online Marketing Maven @amyporterfield and Target 🎯 loving Instagram Marketing Stratagist @tylerjmccall Seriously they both are the marketing bomb! *Follow them! Ah recently it was social media magic listening to them chat on Amy’s Podcast Online Marketing Made Easy #219- How to use Instagram Stories to Grow your Email List. It was soooo good and so much more than the title.... they really broke down Instagram Stories and there immeasurable merit to connecting with your friend followers. ⠀

Now I need you to go listen for yourself and download the bonus podcast freebie too! The Story Arc Method is beyond helpful for breaking down insta stories and even writing your IG Feed posts like this one I’m doing now;) Wink. Wink. ⠀

I so would Loooove to hear what you think now! Send me a Email or leave a comment below so we can keep talking about the va-va value of Instagram Stories. And I will be catching you here later this week with some more Instagram inspiration that I’m super excited to share with you!  And even a few Insta-Stories! Eek! And Yay! ⠀

Happy Sunday Eve! Love, C.