End of Summer Light.


End of Summer Light. It’s in its last days. Kids are going back to school and I can see the light changing. The sunsets are coming earlier. I’m finding myself changing up my routines with the cooler weather. Hitting the snooze button more to stay cozy in bed or going to bed early to read or re-watch favorite series like Mad Men or Masters of Sex. Autumn Nostalgia is definitely creeping in, but their is a little sadness for summer coming to a close. ⠀

But, I want to remember this summer light. The surprise of cultivating to new friendships. Summer evening happy hours downtown. Fresh flowers from the Farmers Market. Walking by my favorite fountain. Getting out of my Dating comfort zone. My trip back to my other home ATX. Eating fresh watermelon for supper. Snuggly fitting into my favorite dress. Embracing my natural hair color and enjoying it’s natural highlights. Flip Flops. New Podcasts on my daily walks. My neighborhood. ⠀

Just to name a few. Now it’s your turn. What has been your summer light? What about this transitioning of seasons resonates with you?