Finding Your Groove.


Hey! Hey! Right now I’m really intentionally finding my groove again with some goals of mine. As you probably know it seems like perpetual process. But, if you have been following me over at Instagram. You know I have been taliking a lot about the In-Between of Goals and how they truly are the sweet spot of lasting growth. Yes, end goals do totally matter. They motivate and get us excited:)  But, being in the Now and finding  our groove on what works or doesn’t gets us even closer. That’s where I am at right now and I wanna share with you how it’s going:) 


I’m actually at a really good place with my health right now. Seriously the best I have been in years. A Goal met I guess:) After this last year of recovering from my Open Heart Surgery, which  in itself has been transforming experience to say the least. To go from daily struggling with breathing and no energy to not even having asthma:) and having so much energy I barely know what to do with it! Has given me a new hope I never imagined. I became so accustomed to feeling like crap all the time. I had no idea what feeling good was anymore and hating exercise though I still made myself do it! 

Now Every-time I go for a walk or hike... I love to push myself even further. Feeling that air in my lungs is amazing. And when it comes to my weight loss goals it’s even better too. It wasn’t always until recently...

Right after my surgery and over the winter even though I had been super active. The weight would not come off and even creeped back on too. It was beyond frustrating until I was introduced to the concept of cortisol by my Dr. and how stress plays a gigantic part in our health and even weight loss. 

Back in November I was then hospitalized for exhaustion, depression and PTSD. Finally realizing, I had not dealt with the trauma of my life threatening condition. My physician then explained to me how Cortisol (fear and flight hormone effects us including holding onto weight to protect us). It was such eye-opening concept to say the least. Now with new medications and counseling. The weight is coming off again. But, more importantly I’m finding my way with Authentic self-care again. 


The concept of self-care has definitely changed for me in the last year too. It’s more than a relaxing bath (actually baths gross me out;) or doing my daily morning pages. It’s now about being my own advocate and taking care of myself and knowing if I don’t no one will:)  

Over the past year I have learned this lesson ten-folds. Learning to follow through with my to-do’s and don’ts. Embracing my own Miss Independent. Don’t get me wrong there is still room for improvement. Like with budgeting;) But, I’m going with the learning curve and giving my past Sick self some slack as well in the guilt dept. I physically and mentally did not have the energy. Now I Do and it makes a world of difference:) 

How do you practice your own version of self-care?  


When I was laying in that Hospital bed with my Chest sewed up. My creative goals were on my new fixed heart big time. Since I lived through it, I knew I could get back to the joy of creating in whole new joie de vie. So, now still holding myself to that goal. I redesigned my blog and have been on this wild journey of finding my new vision of creativity since. And making room for it with my work life.  


We all gotta do it and as I learned from one of my favorite books this last year, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB. It’s what allows me to enjoy this blogging thing and actually the job I hold in real-time can be fun.  

Yes, with all the events and goals I have at work. It can be stressful and the dynamics of the customer personalities I work with too. But, once I decided to stop wishing I could just do my creativity full-time. I still haven’t gave up on that dream, but I have found a different approach to looking at it now via this amazing podcast from Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School, Being a Good Employee (Episode 207). 

It’s been a game changer for me. Realizing I’m where I need to be right now. My company and the people I work with deserve the best me there and the  unique value I bring. Yes, I might not get the cheers to me everyday. But, I’m learning to do that for myself and not look for outside validation. It’s such empowering feeling! 

Now your turn: How are you finding your groove on goals currently?

Happy Thursday! Love, C.