The Call to Courage.


“If you’re brave with your life and choose to live in the arena, you’re going to get your ass kicked. You are going to fall, fail, and you’re going to know heartbreak.”

It’s the truth. I know it too well. And until last night before watching Brené Brown’s Netflix Special I had forgotten the power of bravery and vulnerability.

Having this arsenal of insight again makes me a little less (Ok Big less) hard on myself for being human and making changes in the last four months that would terrify most.

Choosing courage over comfort is not easy. It’s actually downright scary. But, from my own experience a whole hell of lot better than staying stagnant or worse closed off to growth.

Yes. Their are many moments where I’m disappointed, afraid and full to the brim with vulnerability. But, one thing I can’t say, I didn’t try. I have and am. It sucks most days. But, I keep showing up. And you should too.

Watch it. I promise where ever you are right now you in your life you will take some wisdom with you ♥️.