Even though it’s been over 40+ years since the Mary Tyler Moore Show first aired on CBS. It still definitely has a place of Honor in its fictional hometown of Minneapolis and mine.

I never actually watched much of MTM re-runs growing up. But, when I made Downtown MPLS my new home a couple years ago. I couldn’t resist ‘Hanging’ out with Mary and the gang via Hulu. It’s sorta become a fall tradition now. Every time the light and leaves begin to change, I Cozy up in my own studio and watch in the evenings before I doze off.

And this year I took it even a bit further, Finding the real places that colored the iconic opening sequence in my neck of the woods.

Yes, things have changed over the years. But, surprisingly a lot of Mary’s “Turning the world on with her smile” magic still exists. Here is my mini peek:


The Mary tyler Moore House- 2104 Kenwood Parkway

Nestled in the beautiful Minneapolis historic Neighborhood of Kenwood. This is where the exterior shots for the first five seasons of the show were filmed. Mary Richards Lived on the top floor and Rhoda had her swinging single pad in the Attic.

Now: Well,its always been a private home and couple years back it even went up for Sale. The exterior colors have changed since the show aired, but those beautiful Victorian bones are still there. The Kenwood neighborhood is a quick jaunt for me, just up the hill where I love to walk around the nearby Lake of the Isles.


Lake of the Isles

Near Mary’s Fictional Apartment home is where many of the opening outdoor sequences of her walking we’re filmed. Minneapolis is literally branded as the City of the Lakes and Lake of the Isles is my personal favorite of the chain of Lakes. It’s my own oasis in the hustle bustle of the city. I love how quiet it is and the neighborhood feel it has. The houses are epic too. I can so see why the producers picked it, Mary fits right in:) You can just see Mary putting on her fall coat and going on a stroll.


Mary Tyler Moore statue-505 Nicollet Mall

Right in the heart of Downtown resides a permanent statue commissioned by TV Land back in 2002 of the final opening shots of Mary tossing up her classic tam. It’s actually one of my favorite spots down on Nicollet. I always have to stop in between my errands to remind myself, “I can make it after all” in my own urban experience:)

Other Mary Bonus Spots:

IDS Center Crystal Court-80 8th St. S

Several shots from the opening credits for later seasons were shot here. The epic skyscraper in Minneapolis wasn’t finished until 1972 and that’s when you could catch Mary riding the escalator or dining on the balcony at the now Jolliet House Restaurant.

RSM Plaza-801 Nicollet Mall

The building where the exterior shots of the fictional offices where Mary worked for WJM-TV. When I stop by I can totally imagine Newscaster Ted Baxter sauntering out onto the street in his classic Powder blue On-Air blazer. Loving all the fan fair of passerby’s:)

riverside plaza-1600 6th St. S

The colorful skyscraper apartments that became her new home in Season 6. For the locals like myself, it has quite a unique reputation. Over the years, I’ve affectionately called it The Good Times building after another favorite 70’s sitcom.

The best way to view it is from highway 35W.

Love is all around.

It truly is most day’s (ask me how I feel in winter though 😂) for me in my new hometown of Minneapolis. When I hear that iconic theme song to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Love is all Around. I am reminded of how far I’ve personally come and the challenges I have overcame to initially navigate this city alone.

Now I’m surrounded by amazing little community of friends and neighbors I can’t imagine my life without. Maybe, now I have to throw my own hat up on Nicollet 😜.

I hope you enjoyed my little Mary tour:)

Love, C.