For the Love of Blogging/12+.


After 12+ years of Blogging, I’m still totally crazy in Love!!! Yes, I’m no influencer by any stretch of the imagination nor do I take myself too seriously. But, I do have goals and I’m excited to share today what still keeps me going after all these years in a blog world that has/is completely changing. While Digging Deeply with some bonus fun included 😜 into the 5 Big Blog Love Lessons I’ve learned since first hitting that publish button back in 2007. Now Let’s get cracking…

1.Nobody puts Baby in the Corner.

First things first, Do ya’ll remember the beginning of final scene in Dirty Dancing when Jennifer Grey’s Character is sitting with her family and Patrick Swayze saunters over to grab her and says that cinematic Iconic statement, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” and then they do the final dance to Time of My Life? Pure magic right?

That’s kind of how I felt when I first pushed publish back in July of 2007. Yes, it wasn’t anything special by any stretch of the imagination, just some dear diary kind of words and not even a photo 😜. But like Baby, I was trying something different and exciting. Out of my norm, putting myself out there in ways creatively I never knew I could. I still feel that way now unfortunately without that epic Swayze air lift, which is probably not a bad thing 😂.

2.if the shoe Doesn’t Fit.

When I first began blogging, I was also trying so many different things. I still miss that initial discovery period, even down to the basics part. Like learning how to post a picture on my old blogging platform typepad 😂. The whole thing was so new to me and exciting to experiment with all the options. So full of awesome learning curves…

And Failures. Many pretty elementary ones I cringe at now like my overuse of Vignette filters on all my photos and obsessively rounding corners 😂.

But, those little laughable quirks pale in comparison to how I painfully tried to shove my blogging foot into other peoples size/style. Many times I wasn’t even aware of it. Just trying to find what worked for me, but nonetheless it’s been hard to look back on until I realized it was a big part of my learning process to discovering my own unique fit (voice).

Now looking back I see those so-called failures as blogging blessings 🙌. I seriously wouldn’t be the writer, photographer and content creator that I am today/and tomorrow without trying new things on for size.

3.Community over Competition.

#communityovercompetition Is one of my all-time fave hashtags on Instagram. The Community part is actually one of the main reasons I started blogging- to connect with others on-line to share my then passion of scrapbooking. Looking back it was such a awesome engagement time before Instagram and hashtags came on the scene.

But, with that community aspect. I also experienced my first taste of competition since Junior/High school. It was pretty eye opening to say the least. To see grown ass adults hustling to get followers and creating content to set them apart from the rest. Most of the time it was pretty harmless popularity contest, but their was the ugly side as well. Mean girls, scrapbook style 😂. Snarky comments, building others up to see them fall. Some Weird shit and I knew as I do now, I wanted no part of it.

Now I consciously embrace the Community over Competition hashtag way of online life. Yes, their are times on social media I still feel that competition/comparison game rear it’s ugly little head. But, I try to step back and remind myself that sharing/engaging is caring not defining. My main goal is to create, not to be the most popular blogger on the block ♥️.

4.Design-ly Inspired.

Going old School. This is actually one of my numero uno reasons for blogging and I didn’t even know it when I first started. Like I mentioned above Community and Scrapbooking is why I started. But, as I kept on creating, I reopened a long, but clearly not forgotten can of Childhood design loving whoop ass.

Growing up I was design odd, I suppose I still am 😀. When most of my peers were into 1980’s pop culture and style (yes, I did like that stuff too). But, My imagination lived somewhere else as well. A eclectic mix of anything mid-century with a heaping dash of Francophile. Old movies, books, magazines and even music.

My Dad and Mom knew and a few my friends were privy to my history loving quirks. But, overall it was my secret world of Nerd-dom.Spemding endless hours pouring over my Mom’s old design books, memorizing cover to cover vintage magazines and spinning my own little tales on paper. I’d even cut and pasted my own articles. Ha pre-blogging blogger was in the making 😂.

Then my teenage years happened and this creative craft of mine fell into oblivion until Scrapbooking and Blogging appeared in my life. Now I can’t stop nor won’t 👍.

Its crazy reflecting back at how Blogging reawakened and still continues to keep my imagination and creativity so alive and thriving.

5. “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you’er than You.” -Dr. Seuss

You gotta be you. This quote from Dr.Seuss really has come to define my blog story over the years. Cultivating and learning to find my unique voice in a huge blogging world. Embracing that one in million perspective that only I can bring to the table.

It’s definitely not been easy over the years. Their has been so times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel. When I felt irrelevant or stuck in a rut. But, I kept going…

For the love of blogging. To keep sharing, collecting and discovering that You that I am.

I so look forward to the next 12+ years of blogging and the goals I have going forward. Yes, I will make mistakes or not find the perfect words. But, that’s why I love this blogging ‘thing’ so much. The creative growth and documentation is priceless.

And thank you for being a part of it too.

Love, C.