Blog Like No One is Reading.


Because they’re probably Not. I know that might sound harsh and sting a little bit. But, with how humans these days are finding and consuming content via social media. I’m here to rip the band-aid off quicker for you and share the best Blogging advice I ever received that will get you through the dry spell of readership and bring you back to the core of why you began blogging in the first place. Hopefully For the love of creating and sharing content that lights you up.

If not this post isn’t probably for you. If you Blog to make money or dream of becoming a influencer via your Blog. Move right along. But, if your curious how people have done that organically and authentically over the years. Not months or days. Your welcome to keep reading. But, before I go into those magical details of my favorite advice and my personal blogging compass over the years. Let’s first talk about Blogging currently in 2019. 

No Click Away

Over the 12 years I’ve been blogging, I’ve definitely seen a ebb and flow of readership/social media platforms come and go. And how we as humans digest our on-line content then and now.

Currently it’s pretty non-existent with the Entering of Instagram being owned by the folks at Facebook.

Where Blogging now has been replaced by lengthy captions with pretty or not so pretty pictures and hashtags delivering you to Content that is quick and digestible for our now trained short attention spans.

Then insta stories came on the scene to further entertain and steal the blogging show. Making it a IG zone of no Click away and keeping us exclusively on Instagram. So, that hashtag #linkinprofile you might use is a fruitless endeavor unless you have something of Real Value to share. And 90% of Blogs don’t these days because of this...

Mirror Image Websites/Collect.

I still read blogs surprisingly and notice each time I’m on Bloglovin. Most of it’s the same😰. Polished websites (Fast Fact: Blogs are Websites now) with a insta pop-up ‘subscribe to my e-mail list for exclusive content’. Reminding me back in the day when bloggers thought it was a “great” idea to feature their favorite playlist on the sidebar and you couldn’t click fast enough to turn that shit off😂. 

Everyone is trying so hard to be perfect and collect your information. It’s become a sea of Mirror image Websites, even a few I’ve been reading forever have prescribed to this copy cat formula. It’s such a bummer. But, another phenomen has further damaged readership...

Sell the Blog and the Kids.

Sponsorship has killed the Blogging Star. This statement might bite me in the ass someday🤭 or now. And that’s OK:) Everyone is selling you something. Seriously. Advertisers have infiltrated the creative medium of storytelling. Enticing Bloggers to make a living on hocking their wares, goods and services. It’s actually pretty insanely genius. Now that traditional advertising methods are old and tired. But, it’s not only the ad women/men. But, Bloggers themselves. 

Recently on Instagram a Ad Kept popping up-in my feed of a Woman who promises how she can easily teach you to make money Blogging! Wow! 

Curiousity got me to click over and what I found was a different kind of informative. So, if you begin a blog and feature your family on amazing vacations. You can have a successful career as a blogger too. But, you have to buy her self-paced course! Cool. Easy right? 

Sure if you want to pay her bills. Or just maybe instead you could save that $99 and put it towards your own family trip. Then post your own kids having a bad ass time at Disney World. Even Better in my book enjoy that trip without posting anything and staying present in the moment♥️. 

I know it would be awesome to make a living blogging. I’ve personally dreamed that little-big dream myself. I totally get it and they're are   some amazing examples of it, like some my favorite longtime blog reads: Cup of Jo and A Beautiful Mess. These amazing women have worked hard, continue to create content with passion and if it was all stripped away I think they would continue to blog if no one was reading as well. 

Now that brings me to the Best Blogging Advice I ever Recieved: 

Blog like No One is Reading. 

Her name was Agnes and I don’t remember her blog any longer. But, I do remember her post  content that didn’t match the title, but the title stayed with me. Becoming a Blogging Manifesto of some sort that evolved into the idea of doing my best while no one is watching or reading.

It has served me well over the years even when my readership was epic or non-existent. It has also given me the permission to just show up and love simply the process of creating without any outside expectation.  

The best part of this advice is how it has stayed with me. Reminding me of why I Blog and keeping me centered to that.

My love for words and crafting the story. Taking photos. Planing posts like this. Sharing to real or imagined audiences😊.

It’s so magical to me. It’s my little legacy of joy. While helping me uncover, work through and document my day to day. Keeping me present, yet dreaming and expanding. Growing, Learning and Sharing even if no one is reading.  

So, Blogging is much more than a click through, a sponsorship or collecting a e-mail. It’s creativity and if you yourself begin to approach it that way and stop chasing readership, Slow down, create with passion. Find what Feels Good. Your Blogging endeavor will be transformed. I promise. 

Just Blog like No One is Reading. 

Love, C.