Better Than Before.


I am Better than Before. Definitely not Perfect. But, yep Better than Before. Here is a little update where I am at on the Healthy train, certain actions I beginning to take and goals for the next three months. 

Pump on Girl. 

So, the other day on my commute to work, I listened to a Podcast that made my heart pump with Gratitude.  Oprah's SuperSoul Conversation with Geneen Roth- Conscious Eating. They hit on so many inspiring topics. But, One Statement Oprah made, "Pump on Girl" resonated with me on a level I had been looking for. She spoke about how our Hearts Serve us throughout our lives and make it possible to be HERE. I know this to be true, literally:) Since the Nine Months after having my Open-Heart Surgery (to replace my Mitral Valve from a childhood bout with rheumatic fever, if you didn't know:). Now with my Heart working so beautifully, I am gifted with a healthy life I had thought was not possible.  

I can physically do the things, I used to love so much again. Like going for walks and busting up hills with ease or Climbing up stairs like I own those bitches:) Even Running to not miss the bus. All because I can breathe! It's amazing thing, I cherish every moment. And I hope by reading this you do too:) 

Spring Forward Action. 

Barre 3. In the past week I started back up with Barre 3 Online. Exercise Motivation, even with my past heart issues was not a problem for me except in the last few years. I was limited on what I Could do. Now, I can plank without reserve:) When I was in recovery mode last summer. I had to limit certain movements with my open-heart incision. Now that it’s beyond healed, if you are wondering... the only time it still might be uncomfortable. Is if I cough, sneeze or if I am too cold. But, now I am back to fully enjoying Barre 3. It’s a great bonus to my daily walks.

Overall,  the Barre3 online program is so wonderfully designed and works magically during the winter months. I am already seeing results with my stamina and mood. I Look forward to the other benefits:) 

Well-Balanced Baby. No Whole30 or Keto for me. I am sticking to what works. Balance, Average Portions and Limiting my Carb-Sugar intake. I have spent too many years on those crazy fad diets. Before you jump on me with Stats and Articles. I know what I am doing:) I might even go back to this program. It really works (I lost 100 pounds working this program), while teaching you how to eat for Life not for a Diet. 

Nice Little Goals. Recently Listening to this Podcast, I was reminded of the power of little Goals and Keeping it Quarterly. So, for the next 3 months I am working on the above and Making my Bed daily too:) So, Far so good:) on all fronts. 


Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the Internet and reading my health updates and goals:) Keep me posted if you have any:) Love you Guys. 

Love, C.