Bring your THING?


What Thing am I talking about? Real Social Media Presence. That Authentic YOU. Being able to mirror who you are in Real Time and bringing it awesomely to social media. Sounds yummy right?!? 

Who are you on Social Media? Come on let's be honest... I know sometimes we put our best face forward for the feed. I think that is quite alright and it is a facet of who we are. Right? Like look at my picture above. One of my dear friends had just sent me a beautiful package of lovelies. Including that fantastic vintage brooch. I was over the moon with her kindness/love and I just had to take a picture to remember that feeling and moment. Do I have smile eye wrinkles? heck yes! and I am OK with that. And If I had pinned that brooch to my favorite sleeping t-shirt and called it good. Would it have conveyed how that moment was. Probably Not. So, now really take a look at Who you are on Social Media. What do you want to show of yourself? How can you reveal more? Or how to step up your presence to reflect all sides of your real self? 

Secret Sauce to Social Media?  This morning with my epic bedhead as I drank my first cup of coffee of the day. I listened to my new friend Jenna Kutcher's (OK, we are not friends in real-time, but she definitely is apart of my Creative Co-Conspirator Tribe. Meaning: Someone that shares awesome inspiration and if we met in person we would be fast friends:) Goal Digger Podcast, How to Find your Secret Sauce and Stand out in the Crowd. It had me scribbling notes like nobody's business. I don't want to share too much of what she said, so you can enjoy it for yourself. But, we all have a UNIQUE thing to bring to social media. We actually in my book...have a responsibility to share who we are. Times are a changing friends, social media is not going anywhere and it is one of the main ways we communicate with each other. So, how can you communicate your own Unique self better to others?

Who am I to Give Advice on Social Media? I am just like you, yet I might have 10 plus years of blogging under my belt and insane interest in studying Social Media trends and insights. But, I am just like you. I want to connect with people. I want to share my passions with others including how we can be more ourselves on social media. Not  just sharing to share. But, having that true meaning and authentic thought behind it. Bringing our Unique Thing to the feed:)  

StoryboardC. quirk

Now I want to hear from you! Yes YOU. What are your thoughts on social media? What is your posting purpose? And how can you be more authentic? 

Love, C. 

*And remember to Check out Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger Podcast, How to Find your Secret Sauce and Stand Out in the Crowd. You will love it. I promise:)