Dedicate/Day 13. Space.


On the Mat: 21 minutes.

Observations: This was my favorite thus far! I rocked it. I did awesome and Whoa I have amazing leg strength. No qualms saying it👍. Was it a challenge? Yes. But, I awesomely did it! ⭐️ Gold Star to me. 

Insights: Space. Adriene was gracious with the insight. We must create space for new possibilities and this practice is expanding me to do just that. I honestly am shocked I’ve made this far. But, I’m here in this SPACE of discovery and new possibility. I’m open to the SPACE it is creating by doing and where it leads me. 


But, I’ll Take Today: Prep and Making SPACE for the next two days of challenges. Focusing not on my current limitations, but how I’m investing in this journey. See you tomorrow. 

Tomorrow: Day 14. Grace.

Love, C.

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