Dedicate/Day 16. Dulce.


01/21/2019 Evening

On the Mat: 23 minutes.

Observations: Breathing Deep. Remembering that we can take care of ourselves. And there is sweet power in that. This practice today was quiet movements and part massage. It helped me to quiet the storm in my head. 

Insights: When we are sweet to ourselves, we can be sweet to others. 

This practice touched me very deeply reminding me of my Mother. She always called me her sweet girl. Now that she is gone I forget those sweet parts of myself that her love brought out in me. Actually over the weekend as I was having a hard time. I had a dream about her. In the dream we talked as if she was still here. It was so real, I woke up crying because I realized she wasn't here in my waking life. But, doing this practice tonight made me realize that she is somehow through me as I am Her sweet little legacy that she invested so much love in:)  



But, I’ll Take Today: Any Sweetness I can find:) 

Tomorrow:  Day 17 Learn. 

Love, C.

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