Dedicate/Day 6. Core.


On the Mat: 29 minutes.

Observations: Let me be Honest. I’m trying to find what Feels Good and yesterday after choosing a dear friends call over my morning practice and then planning on coming home at 9pm to do Candle Lit Core:) The reality became... I was tired and just wanted a glass of wine with some little evening Hulu. But, Core happened this morning and that’s ok. This Journey is My Journey and I’m calling the shots:) And I showed up rested and ready. 

So, glad I did! Holy Buckets! That was Throw up working the core city and I’m not kidding. 

Insights: My core is important and I need to do actually do a daily practice of it. Maybe begin with five minutes a day. It does serve me so well and it also is where I carry a lot of my physical baggage (weight). I need to make friends with it and not hold so much shame and insecurity there. Love it and Let it go:) 


But, I’ll Take Today: Catching up with Friends, Laundry and finding Joy hibernating in the warmth of my little studio. 

Tonight: Day 7. Surya.

Love, C. 

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)