Dedicate/Day 14. Grace.


01/19/2019 Saturday

On the Mat: 20 minutes.

Observations: My feet ached. My underwear is uncomfortable and my overall mood let’s just say isn’t ideal. It’s been cold up in these parts and after two days of not showing up on the Mat due to my schedule and life shit. I did. I needed it. Man ,I need this practice. My body needs it and God knows my mind does even more. it truly has made such a difference in such a short time. 

Insights: This practice is definitely helping me navigate more Gracefully through the inner reactive roar of negative self-talk that often shows up in my head . 


But, I’ll Take Today: the Grace that came to the Mat. A mess, relunctant and even a little irritated. But, I came. 

Tomorrow: Day 15. Reveal.

Love, C.

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