Dedicate/Day 18. Love.


On the Mat: 23 minutes.

Observations: I showed up. Modified after being away from my at home yoga practice since Feb. 9th. Definitely finding what Feels Good again. Yes, I lost a lot of what I had gained in strength, but again I showed up. And that’s what really matters today. Done is fun. 

Insights: Love. How awkward it is to say that to myself. But, I’m gonna show up more too with those three little words. I need to and the reminder that yoga helps me with that. 


But, I’ll Take Today:  The showing up far from perfect and whispering I love you a bit more. 

Tomorrow: Day 19. Listen.

Love, C.

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)