Dedicate/Day 20. Lead.


On the Mat: 21 minutes.

Observations: I was more than ready to lead through my pain and grief today. I showed up and it was the best thing I could do after losing someone yesterday that had lead me out of my own past heartbreak to a world of welcoming love and acceptance at one time. I also let my body do the moves without my mind getting in the way. Overall it was a warm embrace on the mat that I needed more than anything in this world right now. 

Insights: Today Lead spoke to me. After this week of praying unceasingly and never giving up until I had to after his passing from this life yesterday. I was reminded of how in this life we are all called to lead each other in ways we often don’t physically experience at times. 

But, through our souls with a whisper of I love you instead when distance is between us. Or lead with our hearts instead by listening to the call to surpass our limitations. Realizing sometimes our limitations can be are strongest allies in finding a different path to serve others.



But, I’ll Take Today: Where Nameste took on a whole deeper meaning-Honoring the ones we love that our knowlonger with us. And it is Okay to cry while doing yoga.

I cannot begin to say how much this home practice has meant to me and Adriene’s tender spirit to serve all of us by sharing her wisdom and love of Yoga. What a gift. 

Tomorrow: Day 21. Light.

Love, C.

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)