Dedicate/Day 21. Light.


On the Mat: 20 minutes.

Observations: Light. Finding little pieces of it as I investigate the curves and movement of my body. Doing what feels good always, not forcing the expectation of myself or others.

Insights: Honoring the light that is me. Even if it feels like a tiny little spark right now.

As well as honoring the dark that envelopes me and embracing wholeheartedly this contrast of light/dark dance. It might be painful, but it has so many growth lessons written its journey. A reminder to keep present and remember. Night comes, but the Sun always arrives in the morning. 


But, I’ll Take Today: The uncertainty still sits in my heart, but today’s practice might be the best thing I do for myself today. And that is good. 

Tomorrow: Day 22. Steady.

Love, C.

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