Morning Routine.


I’m re-writing my morning routine history with some heaping help from this #mindset reset maven Mel Robbins. And if you been reading storyboardC for awhile you know I love myself some Morning. Straight up Obsessed I tell ya. It’s my Magic hours of creativity, coffee drinking and overall digging deep into what makes me happy. And without my mornings I believe I would be on a straight one way ticket to crazy town. Shit, sometimes I feel like I’m going there still with the everyday muck that life throws my way🤪. But, now I know my Morning routine actually over the years is more than a saving grace. I’m learning also their is some hard science behind it to beginning  your day off right while following along with  Mindset Reset. Below I have a few links you can check out to discover it for yourself.

I’ve also added some new routines and revamped some old ones to serve the rest of my day better.  I’m super excited to share it with you and totally hope it helps your own morning vibe. 

It all begins The night before:

A couple months ago I watched Mel Robbins YouTube video on Why you need a Morning Routine.   it was a game changer to begin my Mornings with a more fresh focused start and my new nightly routine only takes about 10 minutes at the max. 

1. Wash Dishes. This is something I actually love to do and they’re is just something joyful especially in winter getting my hands all warm and soapy with the delicious, clean smell of Lemon scented Dish soap. 

2. Prep Coffee and Morning Protein Shake. Nothing is better than waking up to pushing the Start button on the coffee maker and having my protein shake ready to down right before I go to work or need it after a couple cups of Jo. 

3. Commuter Bag Prep. Though I am no longer riding the bus to the burbs. I still have a short trek to my Parking ramp downtown. It makes it so much easier having my bag ready for the next day at work and not having to scramble to find my keys or wallet😊

4. Turning my phone to airplane mode. This is something new and has given even better rest at night. I’m knowlonger checking my phone at odds hours of the night or being disturbed by random texts.

Then lastly before shutting out the light-setting my alarm to 6am on work days and 7am on days off. 

Morning Ritual

1. Snooze You Lose. This is something new I’ve incorporated after watching this Session of Mindset Reset. I had no idea what a negative effect the snooze button has on the rest of our day. I am definitely waking up more rested and not as groggy throughout the rest of the morning either. 

2. Making my Bed. I have always been pretty good at this and now am kind of fanatical. It does make a difference especially living in a small space. Everything looks put together and I also love the ritual of making my bed. 

3. Five Second Journal. This is a new morning routine and I am absolutely in love with it.  My days have become far more productive and I worry less about getting things done. I feel way more focused as well. HERE and HERE you can watch more in-depth explanation about this process created by Mel Robbins and download a Free Copy HERE to try for yourself. 

4. Flow Morning Pages. This is where my creative magic happens every morning. It can also be where I show up and work through things. It’s my favorite part of my day really. I wrote more about HERE on the blog last October. I’ve since modified it with doing the 5 second journal. I love having it back to 3 blank pages of whatever needs to come out on the page:) 

5. Done is Fun.  My Mornings are sacred and I take a good two hours each day. I know it might seem excessive to some or unrealistic with having children. I get it. I have a luxury of time and a work schedule that mostly allows me to do this daily. When I’m done for the day, knowmatter how heavy my life load is I always nearly feel a sense of fun with my time in the morning. I do hope my little breakdown helps you to savor your own morning rituals or maybe inspire you to create one. It’s never too late to become a morning person in my opinion🌞 Cheers to Morning Light!

Love, C. 

  *Its completely (FREE) and no catch Video based 35 day program full of scientific research and Mel’s Trademark No BS, yet always kindly delivered message on how changing the way we think incrementally can truly transform our lives in big ways. Here is the Free companion PDF to DOWNLOAD and go HERE to Her YouTube #MindsetReset Playlist to follow along for yourself.