Everything is Figuroutable



I do think things are Figuroutable and now the everything deal is sealed after finally getting my hands on Marie Forleo’s New York Times Bestselling Book, Everthing is Figuroutable.

I first discovered Marie via her Oprah Super Soul Sunday talk of the same name. I will be honest around that time I had immersed myself in all kind of Self-Help. As I was going through some challenging times, I was looking for Any Kind of Outside insight to pull my bootstraps up. Listening to Podcasts were my number 1 jam and still is… Yes, I came across some amazing podcasts and some also not so great. I felt like a kid on Halloween with all these candy choices laid in front of me. A Free for all Eating fest of every Sweet advice I could pop in my mouth. Then the sugar rush hit and soon it followed with ‘I’m gonna throw the eff up’🤢.

Self-Help is no different in my book than that spooky Childhood day of the year when you can stuff your face with any kind of candy, even those gross black and orange peanut butter chews.

Bombarding oneself with so many different choices that you inevitably need some Pepto to settle that stomach of treats (self-development) down.


Marie was and is my Pink Pepto Bismol. A better tasting one too 😊. She doesn’t throw sweet advice around unless there is rock hard insight and research attached. She’s the real deal in a Halloween bag full of self-help fluff that anyone these days can wrap up in a nice fun-size serving.

When I first picked up her book, I will be honest. I was Leary after all the crap I digested lately in other books. But, once I began to read I knew I was in a legit zone of Marie TV content in written form.

I took her advice, grabbed a special notebook in Forleo Orange 🍊 to do each chapters Insight to Action Challenges and write what I uncovered down.

Before I share my BIG 3 Take-aways with you. I wanna do a little disclaimer- I’m sharing some sneak peeks into the book. If you plan on reading it, which you should and will 👍. Maybe skip and come back:)


My 3 everything is Figuroutable take-Aways:

  1. Define your dreams.

    All the Chapters had me going a-ha in so some way or another. But, Chapter 6- Define Your Dreams was a surprising doozy.

    I always considered myself a dreamer:) What I mean by that… being clear and concise to what they are. But, always feeling overwhelmed at how am I gonna get started on my mega bucket list of dreams. This chapter for the first-time created a actionable plan to focus on just ONE. I had heard this before, but surprisingly it finally stuck.

    And to also uncover the ONE that meant the most to me. That ONE Dream I needed to Go for NOW and how it could possibly create a ripple effect for the other Dreams on my list.

    Which I’m doing right Now- Writing this post and three others this past week. It has been a long-time coming. I haven’t consistently blogged like this since 2012. This chapter was such a huge kick in the ass to getting clear on my passion and reminding me of the 2nd BIG take-away.

  2. Start Before your ready.

    Chapter 7 was catalyst to my new Blog mojo. I grabbed my planner and notebook -then set myself into ACTION for the first in along time. I shoved my usual Procrastination to the way side with the reminder that it’s better to dive in than wait to be ready. Because what Marie brought home to me is, I’ll never be ready and to Stop Thinking and Start Doing.

    Yes, it’s a scary move to make. Especially for me the perfect planning freak. But, doing now what I’m doing. Writing these blog posts consistently. I’m seeing my rust fall off and beautiful growth happening in my creativity again. Small imperfect steps that are leading me to a new Done is Fun movement.

  3. Progress Not perfection.

    Chapter 8- Progress Not Perfection made me cry. I didn’t realize how much a perfectionist I was. I consider myself pretty self-aware. But, how Marie breaks down the perfection myth. I was blown away on how this has trapped me my whole life in pursuing my passions. It has allowed me to show up now and not sweat the small stuff. Actually embrace them in a whole new light.

    Our Imperfections can be the perfect formula for progress:) Again this has been a game changer to my creativity and overall existence ♥️.

Everything is Figuroutable.

As I said above this Book is full of so much. I’ve actually re-read it twice and have no plans on putting it on my book shelf anytime soon. It’s definitely a guide book to dreams and action. But, also a love letter from Marie in some ways…

A ‘you got this friend’ that perfectly sums up in how she always ends every episode of Marie TV with,

“Because the world really does need that special gift that only you have.”

Get the book and Let the World See You ♥️.

Love, C.