Dedicate/Day 21. Light.


On the Mat: 20 minutes.

Observations: Light. Finding little pieces of it as I investigate the curves and movement of my body. Doing what feels good always, not forcing the expectation of myself or others.

Insights: Honoring the light that is me. Even if it feels like a tiny little spark right now.

As well as honoring the dark that envelopes me and embracing wholeheartedly this contrast of light/dark dance. It might be painful, but it has so many growth lessons written its journey. A reminder to keep present and remember. Night comes, but the Sun always arrives in the morning. 


But, I’ll Take Today: The uncertainty still sits in my heart, but today’s practice might be the best thing I do for myself today. And that is good. 

Tomorrow: Day 22. Steady.

Love, C.

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Dedicate/Day 20. Lead.


On the Mat: 21 minutes.

Observations: I was more than ready to lead through my pain and grief today. I showed up and it was the best thing I could do after losing someone yesterday that had lead me out of my own past heartbreak to a world of welcoming love and acceptance at one time. I also let my body do the moves without my mind getting in the way. Overall it was a warm embrace on the mat that I needed more than anything in this world right now. 

Insights: Today Lead spoke to me. After this week of praying unceasingly and never giving up until I had to after his passing from this life yesterday. I was reminded of how in this life we are all called to lead each other in ways we often don’t physically experience at times. 

But, through our souls with a whisper of I love you instead when distance is between us. Or lead with our hearts instead by listening to the call to surpass our limitations. Realizing sometimes our limitations can be are strongest allies in finding a different path to serve others.



But, I’ll Take Today: Where Nameste took on a whole deeper meaning-Honoring the ones we love that our knowlonger with us. And it is Okay to cry while doing yoga.

I cannot begin to say how much this home practice has meant to me and Adriene’s tender spirit to serve all of us by sharing her wisdom and love of Yoga. What a gift. 

Tomorrow: Day 21. Light.

Love, C.

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Dedicate/Day 19. Listen.


On the Mat: 21 minutes.

Observations: This practice surprised me. Just what I needed. Still modifying to Find What Feels Good and love the gentle prompts by Adriene. 

Insights: Resting Easy in this practice of Breath and allowing my heart to lead not my head all the time:) This practice I will definitely revisit♥️. 


But, I’ll Take Today: Slowing down Listening to my Breath not the endless Chatter of my Brain.

And some Downward-Facing Dog: This pose has been one of my biggest challenges while beginning my at-home yoga practice with Adriene and getting to know all the other poses more intimately.

But, Downward-Facing Dog has and still is my Numero Uno on challenge list and it’s often where the practice begins! So, it definitely sets me up for the ‘do I really wanna keep doing this?’ Mindset while also seeing Adriene do this pose with such ease and grace.  it’s inspired me to dig a little deeper into the Pose to discover my own version FWFG (Find What Feels Good).

Currently,  I’m a Beginners-awkward and uncomfortable, but I do cut myself some slack:) But, now 19 days into Dedicate I’ve decided I really need to make this popular pose a friend instead of a foe. Especially if I’m want to keep practicing Yoga. 

And Adriene came through HERE. Breaking it down in a Downward-Facing Blog Post:) while sharing her own similar beginning challenges. Yes, of course there is a video. Totally awesome.

She also shared this equally awesome article from The HuffPost, The Real Reason Downward-Facing Dog Is So Good for You.  Worth a check out as well. 

Maybe this will help you too and Now going forward for the last leg of My Dedicate Journey, I want to continue to go more deep into all the  foundation poses. I of course will post it here for you as well. 

Tomorrow: Day 20. Lead.

Love, C.

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Dedicate/Day 17. Learn.


On the Mat: 26 minutes.

Observations: I’m back to Dedicate. Today’s practice was perfect to re-enter. My Strength was still there as well as my heart. 

Insights: When Learning something new in your life, their will be hiccups. I’m a creature of habit and recently I have had some awesome change come my way that have also made it feel like I was put off my usual course:) Expanding me in a way that I had to take a breather and readjust. Make room again for the New, Old and Let Go of the what isn’t a part of my story now. Today’s practice was a big embrace of that. Yoga is far more than Physical movements:) What amazing blessing it is and glad to be back on the Mat this Morning. 


But, I’ll Take Today: Reminder to leave our worry in the future and stay present. 

Tomorrow: Day 18. Love.

Love, C.

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)

Buttered to the Edge.


My Momma always taught me to Butter my Toast to the Edge and since her passing strangely it’s become a little mantra for my life. Attempting to take the basic joys and building a well-fed life off it. 

I’m not talking about eating the whole loaf in the pantry and slathering a stick of butter on one golden toasted slice. But, savoring every Edge just the way I like it. And making no apologies.

Butter is good and toast is fabulous.    Remembering Life is too short to deny ourselves the authentic everyday goodness over a imitation of ideal expectations. Just like I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. It might look like it or the taste maybe resembles it.  But, ain’t Butter and You might as well go for the Real Thing rather than the imposter. 

Last year was a butter bust for me in that Department. I had a lot of ideas of where I needed and wanted to be. And so many Can’ts (won’ts) So, far in these 6 days of 2019. I have been being, doing and bucking the unrealistic expectations. It tastes good to say the least. Yes, their is some salty moments, but I’m resting Easy in them too. Doing me each day a little bit more. 

Writing daily on the Blog. Showing up for Dedicate- 30 day Yoga Journey via Yoga with Adriene. Taking the Day with Little actions that hopefully will turn into Big Picture Progress. Letting Go of People, Ideas and Things that aren’t serving me in the moment. And showing myself Kindness again. 

And thanks for coming along with me.  

Love, C.  

Girl, Wash Your Face.


Just like my Momma always taught me, “You never go to bed with a dirty face. Cleanse, Moisturize and maybe even do a mask.” I literally can count on two hands of adulthood how many times I went to bed with a unwashed face and it usually involved too much alcohol:) The other 100,000 of nights even if still alcohol or sickness was involved. I get that face washed and I swear by it. No lie here. 

So, when I saw Rachel’s Hollis Book of the same title keep popping up on my IG feed and finally seeing it on the shelf of my local Target. It went home with me. And then it sat. And sat some more on my writing table. It eventually was moved to my bedside to sit again. I will be honest here, I had resistance to opening its pages.  

Some guilt for buying it when I’m broke as no joke. Some Trepidation that it would be another feel good book that motivated me to take on my world of self-doubt and find myself worse off than before.   But, a bad day came. The kind of day where you say fuck it, what do I have to lose. And my resistance cowered in the corner as I opened the pages. 

I didn’t put it down unless I had to pee, go to work or eat. I had a pen with me as I read. Underlining. Putting notes in the margins. I also laughed, cried, and even read chapters that I thought I couldn’t relate too.  

By the time I finished the last paragraph. I knew why Rachel Hollis is New York Times Best Seller, a motivational speaker and CCO with well over 900k followers on Instagram. She’s Real. I mean Vulnerable, Strong Real. She lived the Messy parts, the disappointments and works Real Hard without compromising Humanness of Who She is to fit into a Mold others might of expect.  

So, Read her book. I know if I could I would buy you all a copy and a shiny pen to go along with it. I would, I really would.

And as the the Book Cover Tagline says, “Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are. So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be.” 

It’s seriously not too late. 

Love, c.