Light Story Kit™/Plan+Prep.


Over the weekend I received Ali Edwards Light Story Kit™and I could barely contain my excitement in getting that parcel envelope open. It’s no secret if you read this weeks post on Why December Daily Matters that I’m back to Memory Keeping. While I’ve never stopped telling stories here or on Instagram, I took a physical break from creating projects. Like with any passion or hobby theirs definitely a ebb and flow. I’m definitely in the flow part right now and ready to make again:) 

Light Story Kit™

The first time I saw it, a lightbulb went off:) I knew this was my perfect re-beginning point to creating stories again. I loved its optimistic, bold design and all the ideas it sparked for me.   

Light has been such a powerful metaphor in my life in the last year. Chasing, embracing the Light of Possibility and even its physical presence (Summer Light, Longer Days) in my everyday life. 

So, I’m beyond ready to bask in the stories I’m Planning and Pepping. I’m excited to share it with you:) 



My planning process was definitely different this time around and a little rusty. But, way fun navigating new routes to planning a project. 

So, it first began accessing the Story Kit community via Ali’s site. Each month includes a Video presentation that helps you with your Why of each months kit. If your already a subscriber this might be ‘repetitive, I already know this stuff:) But, for as a first timer, the presentation was a big a-ha moment of ideas and huge reminder of why I’m getting back to this amazing story-telling outlet.

I actually watched the video twice:) The second time after downloading the Story Worksheet. Good stuff:) And then even took more idea notes after reading the PDF Handout.  

All these Story sparking tools are awesome. Definitely worth doing the homework and I’m blown away by how my initial Light Story plans have grown into something more diverse and eclectic.  


The prep piece has come so easy. I’ve picked about four stories to tell and ready to print the pictures. Pulled out and dusted off my stash of supplies, page protectors and album. I’ve start writing the stories and sketching out my individual story designs. I’m currently working on placement of the products from the kits I will use in my 6x8 album. I’m really enjoying the process and staying open to trying new ideas:) 

I should have my Light Story done by the end of the month. And keeping in mind that Done is Fun:) Giving myself permission to be a re-novice again. Finding a lot of inspiration from the design team as well. Realizing that I don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time I create. 

So, I will keep you posted and of course share here and in Instagram when I’m done:) Thanks for coming along with me over the years on this creative journey. And do share what Stories you are telling this month:) loved to know.  

Love, C.