This is Why I Blog.


It’s magical for me.

It's quite honestly what gets me up most Mornings.

It's my little corner of Passion in a sometimes mundane life.

It's my Creativity at work.

It's taking Photographs, Writing words and exercising my need to Learn.

It's where I Document this little life of mine. 

It's about sharing my Heart with others. 

It's where I tell Small and big stories. 

It's where I feel Confident.  

It's where I practice Mindfulness. 

It's where I find the beauty in Now.

It's where I dare to Dream. 

It's how I digest my Past and let it go. 

It's Fun. 


It's my little Legacy in the making. 

It's my Hobby. 

This is why I blog.

Thank you for being a part of this creative endeavor for over 10 years♥️. 

Love, C.