Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What our your Favorite Apps to use for Blogging? I love answering this question! I want to empower you, my fellow blogger with the Apps that have personally helped me. Over the past 10 years of Blogging, I have taught myself a lot of tricks to 'fake it before you make it'. What do I mean by that? Using my sometimes, not so ideal design circumstances to my advantage. For many years I did all my blogging on a iPad and a little Bluetooth keyboard. I know it sounds crazy to many of you:) But, my favorite iPhone Apps really did and still play a integral part in my creative process. Below is some of my must-haves:

Photography. My go to is A Beautiful Mess's, A Color Story. I can't say enough about the creative merits of this APP and totally love that it was designed by fellow Bloggers Elsie, Emma and the ABM Team. I use it for photo filters, effects, brightening and overall light tweaking of my blog images. My runner-up for Photo filters is VSCO. I used this for years before A Color Story and still do on occasion. Both are really Stellar! 

Intense Photo Editing.  Which I rarely suggest or do, but when I have to correct brightness in faces, eyes or a pose.  I use Google's Snapseed. Again, I try not to manipulate photo's too much. Oh another thing I like about Snapseed is their Lens Blur option. 

Photo Correction.  When removing unwanted objects or lines in my collages, I love Touch Retouch.  

Collage and Design Work.  The PicFrame App is what I have been using for ages, when it comes to creating my 9 grid photo or product collages. Then for easy Graphic Design layouts, I love Canva. It's a super easy alternative to Photoshop. 

Fonts. I love House Industries Photo-Lettering App. I have been using it for years, since it is the home to my signature fonts on blog graphics.

I hope all these Apps will serve you as well and maybe help you too work around your own design limitations.  Please let me know what some of your favorite Apps are! I am always open to new suggestions.

2. Are you Microsoft or Mac Girl? Mac all the way. I have used a iPhone since they arrived on the cell scene or when I decided my Motorola Hot pink Miami Ink phone wasn't cool anymore. Wink. Wink. I switched to Apple and  also love how it works with my left brain creative nature. Currently I am using a Microsoft Laptop for my design work and am proficient on it. But, miss my Mac everyday:) But, when you love creating, you take what you can and make do. Curious what do you guys love and use?

3. Do you Scrapbook anymore? I do. My approach in recent years is more on the Modern Memory Keeping side with emphasis in Project Life®  by Becky Higgins (Pocket Scrapbooking). I don't post a lot on this subject much anymore, but plan on integrating it more soon. While in the Hospital for my Open Heart Surgery, I realized how important our stories are and really owning/living them. We learn so much from stepping back and documenting our lives via words and photos. I truly believe it helps us grow, reflect and be more present. Plus, the creative part is fun. I plan on participating this winter with Ali Edwards December Daily® Project and have created a new series of prompts called This Story that will be debuting in September 2017. I also have in the works for next year a Free Self-Paced class. I will keep you posted once I have it designed:)

4. How did you start Blogging? It all began with Scrapbooking. Back in the winter of 2005, I was bored one Sunday morning after meeting a friend for coffee and swung by the nearby Local Scrapbook store. It definitely was a epiphany kind of moment. It reminded me of my long, but not forgotten childhood love of creating fake tabloid articles:) Cutting and Pasting Photos, writing copy and coming up with catchy titles.  While there surrounded by pretty paper, Thickers and adhesives, I picked up a copy of Clean and Simple Scrapbooking by Minnesota based author (now also a crazy, cool card-maker) Cathy Zielske. I took it home and was blown away by her Modern and Clean approach to a hobby I thought was kind of silly in the past. Whoa, was I wrong, fast forward a year or so later. I read her second book, The Sequel and she showcased blogging. So, I headed over to her blog and soon after signed up for my very own at Typepad. Now over 10 years later, I am still at it and adore every minute of it. I have grown so much creatively/personally from this Hobby and even found so many other creative avenues that I never imagined. 

5. What advice do you have for new Bloggers? Do it. Dig in. Don't let comparison stop you in the beginning, There is room for all of us in the Blogging world:) We all have unique stories and talents to share. So, please share them! But, first of all make a plan, figure out your motives. Is this a hobby or do you have a readership purpose? Either way get started by doing research and learning as much as you can about blogging and your niche. But, do remember not to get discouraged and enjoy the process of creating!

6. Can I hire you to help me with my Blog/Website design and Consultation? Yes. I have decided recently to do Blog and Website design again for others. I am still exploring ideas of how and what I will other. I will keep you posted!

7. Do you ever do Sponsored and Affiliated Posts on your blog? Actually this is a very sensitive subject for me. In the past few years, I have noticed many of my favorite bloggers doing sponsored posts.  I think it is a great stream of income for some Bloggers when done with creative integrity.  In the past I have worked with a few companies, but in the end I personally didn't feel right about it. So, I won't do Sponsorship at this time. 

Now for affiliated links, I am totally OK with  earning a small percentage from products I love and already use. In the past I have showcased them on my sidebar or in blog posts. I plan on doing that again and I will always be honest with you if I ever use a affiliated link.

I hope this answered your questions:) In conclusion: Nay for Sponsorship at this time (unless I am offered a brand new or even used Volvo or IKEA products :) and Yay for appropriately placed sponsored links. What are your thoughts on this hot blog subject?

8. Do you miss living in Austin, Texas? Yes and No. I miss my amazing group of friends and the Tex-Mex. But, what I don't miss is the insane summer heat and traffic. Would I move there again? Maybe if it felt right. In the meantime, I am glad to be home. But, I am always open to new adventures!     

*If you have any more faq questions.  Please feel free to email me: