I am Enough.


And so are You. 

This isn’t some IG #mondaymotivation hashtag Bullshit. It’s the truth. I know our inner critic, ego/fear or whatever you like to call it likes to sing a different negative tune in our ear... I know you know what I am talking about:) "Oh your so flawed, Who do you think you are? Worthy? Enough? Um Nada and Nope. 

But, It's just not true. That negative Nancy (poor Nancy, whoever first got that nickname) of a inner voice which straight up lies to us in the guise of keeping us "safe" from growth, change and present acceptance. Is actually full of fear. And fear is not reasonable and that is why we should just look it straight in the face, shrug our shoulders politely and walk away to the "I am Enough." corner of the fighting ring. And repeat after me...

I am enough right where I am. I am enough for the world. I am enough in my present circumstances. I am enough in my struggles. I am enough in my hurt or rejection. I am enough in love. I am enough to believe all possibilities. I am enough in my mess. I am enough in my insecurities. I am enough to still be confident. I am enough to be bold even if I am scared as hell.  

So, say it a 100 times today with me or it least until you begin to Believe it:) Even when fear steps forward again for another fight. Keep saying it. I promise you will eventually knock the shit out of it. Happy Tuesday. 

Love, C.