Little Black Jacket.


One of my goals for 2018 is to wear this charming Little Black Jacquard Bow Jacket from Erin Fetherston for Target. Technically I can wear it now, but I look more like a circus monkey;) Get me a petite hat, a pair of cymbals and I will be good to go. Wink. Wink. But, all jest aside I love this Jacket!!!! I picked it up years ago (2007 to be exact) on clearance after swooning over it on my many trips to Target. The Erin Fetherston for Target collection was one of the first partnerships with Target to bring high-end designers to Target at affordable prices. Now it is a staple of their Marketing Campaign.  


The Jacket originally retailed for $44.99 and was a stylish steal on Sale. The craftsmanship is excellent and the attention to detail purely delightful. It did have a matching skirt counterpart and those two together... Looks like something Tony would suggest for Princess Margaret. You get my drift if you have been binge watching The Crown Season 2:). Very chic to say the least. I myself always planned on pairing it with a pair of jeans and white graphic t-shirt. A casual, yet bad-ass version of my affinity for lady-like with a dash of Courtney Love circa Live Through this era (minus the smeared red lipstick and tiara of course. Been there, did that 1994;) 


Now I bet you want one too. You can't have mine! But, I am sure you can maybe find one on E-Bay. I mean how can you not resist, especially after seeing the detail of the liner. Maybe that's where I got my idea for my bangs?!? OK it was the inspiration;) 

Now as always I am curious if you have a Goal outfit? Something that motivates you to be your best healthy version? 

Love, C.