Faith/40 Days.

A Lent Reflection. 

A Lent Reflection. 

It's a quiet morning around here. The coffee is brewed even before the sun has risen and there is a new blanket of snow on the ground outside. A reminder of the weariness of long winters and the unexpected nature of seasons. This Lenten Season has had it's snowfalls for me too. But, it was a good thing. 

Today being Holy Saturday, I thought it would be a good time to reflect after reading this, "There is a great silence on Earth today, A great silence because the King is asleep. GOD has died in the flesh and hell trembles with fear." -From an ancient homily on Holy Saturday via Bishop Barron.

So, I too sit in Silence reflecting on what this day means in the eternal story of Salvation and how this Lenten journey has transformed me. It all began with a Post and deciding after 10+ years of Blogging under my belt to change my focus. Letting my Faith be the numero uno of my On-line Presence. Initially I was full of fear that I would lose readership and feel alienated. Now I giggle at what I thought was such a Bold move, actually it was the natural thing to do and throughout Lent I kept coming across that famous St. Augustine quote, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”  I don’t think it was a chance quote happening:) God’s way of saying I gave you this creative passion and I would love for you to use it to bring others closer to me and celebrate the love I give you. Reminding me, If we aren't Honest and Authentic with the Promptings of our heart in Him. Our creativity can feel shallow and hollow. Especially when it comes to sharing our passions on Social Media. Where chasing the likes, followers and validation of others feels fruitless and desperate. Now when I put content out with God in mind. All of that falls to the wayside. Letting His will work through the creative gifts he has graciously bestowed on me. 

So, These 40 days of starting over has opened my eyes more than I ever imagined to my initial intentions of creative refocus. Reminding me that God many times answers prayers we don't even ask for or know we need. 

She Who Believed Lent Devotional/Journal. I used the Blessed Is She Digital Download throughout Lent and wrote down my Journaling on my usual Ledger Note pads. I was blown away by my daily walks with Christ and the Women of Scripture through this very special devotional. It opened my heart for a new love of the Scripture and finding my own story among these well-known and lesser known real-life Women of the Bible. My relationship with Christ has been forever changed as well. Each morning it was as if He sat beside me, helping me to understand my own times in the Desert. And how my suffering is united ultimately with his. Not for punishment, but for full dependence and love in him. Yep that $15 bucks was worth it:) and I plan next year to buy the Print Copy. In the meantime, the journaling I have done from this year will be forever treasured and I am sure to be revisiting it again and again throughout Ordinary Times. 

The Catholic Feminist. I have been listening to Podcasts for a couple of years now. Usually enjoying them on my daily transit commute to the Suburbs where I work.  But, while beginning again with a whole new Instagram Feed this lent. In those first few weeks, I came across Claire and The Catholic Feminist. And whoa I found much more than a Kick-A*% Podcast, I finally felt like I belonged for first time since I was a little girl in my Catholic Faith. Spoiler Alert, It's no secret I am not your stereotypical Catholic Women-as many of us aren't. But, we have these ideals planted in us somehow. But, as a single, divorcee (who was married to a nice Muslim Man for 6 years) and no children (yet). I have lived a lot of time away from my faith chilling in the secular world and when I did finally come back I felt many times I didn't belong. I pushed through it of course:) But, I have struggled with not fitting into the Catholic-ey Women mold. Still Challenged at times for needing to have one foot in the real world and the other in the Holy Life. Seeing daily the struggles first hand of poverty, homelessness in my Downtown Neighborhood.  I just don't want to be the Church Lady that sits in a cozy in a little box of piety, instead I want to get dirty, be real and evangelize Christ's love to all not just a select few. And The Catholic Feminist has given me permission to be/do just that and I finally feel not alone. Knowing that out there many other like minded Catholic Sisters exist learning to see and embrace our unique voices and worth... it's really a mind-blowing blessing and call. 

Blessed is She. Blessed is she community of Catholic Women has been a complete game changer for me this Lent as well. Travelling this Lent road with Women of all walks of Life has been amazing. Learning so much about Scripture via they're daily devotionals delivered to my inbox and the vibrant, authentic and aesthetically pleasing (hey I am design freak:) Instagram feed. "Meeting" many like minded women on their feeds and Ista-Stories. It's been empowering and beautiful to say the least. I look forward to hopefully bringing those on-line connections into my Daily life with their upcoming Blessed Brunch in my neck of the woods (Twin Cities) the end of the month and Wild//Blessed is She Regional Retreat in August. 

OK now it's your turn to share with me how this Lent has transformed you. And how you will be bringing it with you into this Awesome Easter Season and the Ordinary/Extraordinary times of your life? 

Love, C.