Week in the Life/Wednesday.


8:34 am. Sleeping in for me. Day off and still under the weather. Fighting it big-time, but also reminding myself you can't plan out everything including sickness. 

Also realized while laying in bed, its my half birthday. Does anyone else celebrate quietly this little half milestone? My Momma always did and I celebrate in honor of her:)   

So, today I am 43.5 and also don’t feel my age at all. I never imagined myself at 43. That’s for my parents and whoa it does seems wildly different from  them:)


8:52 am. I don’t waste time getting my coffee ready. And always ‘cheat the pot’ as my friend John says:) *When you pour before the coffee is finished brewing. 

Not feeling like the lady of the hour as my favorite coffee mugs says:) this Spring cold kind of sucks.  


9:02 am. Morning prayer pages begin. * 3 longhand ledger pad anything goes free for all writing exercise. It's been in my daily routine for over 20 years. Always beginning with Good Morning Jesus. A way to center myself. And yes I still drink my coffee with grinds floating in it;)  

AM spent it also catching up on all your stories for WITL. So, inspired and love what we are learning about each other.  


11:20 am. Laundry day equals messy bed. And does anyone else use a toilet paper roll for Kleenex as easy access when sick?  

12 Noon. Caught up with my old friend Christian on the phone. Love talking with him. Never dull and Making plans to hang out tonight. Though I know I should stay home and rest. 


1:34 pm. Procrastinating and Facebook was in my diversion from doing laundry. Needing something from the store. So, I Paused to take a picture of the window by my apartment door. Love the light. Radiator and these mid-century curtains.  


I really adore my corner studio apartment and the timelessness of the history of my building. Even the original 1920’s wool carpet that is lumpy to walk on. Because back in the day they used horse hair to insulate. Who knew? Gross kind of:) But, I still like it. 


The corner store. Love this place for quick things and they do such awesome job of stocking organics and Minnesota local items. It’s located in the basement of the apartment building next to me. It’s been owned by the same family since it opened and It’s one of the only ones left in downtown Minneapolis. Bygone era still kicking it.

And I love how the little chalkboard sign plays tribute to our famous local legend- Prince. The Purple Rain lyrics are perfect for this drizzly day. 


2:44 pm. Back home and enjoying Poor food choices;) But, cold pizza is yummy when your not feeling the greatest. Right?


2:58 pm. Finally getting to laundry. 


3:14 pm. And IKEA bags are where it’s at in transporting laundry;) And BTW Tide Pur detergent in Honey Lavender is the best. You don’t even need to use dryer sheets and the smell lingers for days.

Laundry fiasco. I was a little zealous with shoving too much in and with way too much soap. It was like a scene from my childhood favorite re-runs of The Brady Bunch. Soap everywhere and ridiculous drying time. Again a reminder that I need to slow down today and stop doing too much.

4pm ish. Chris texted me to cancel. I was a little relieved. I don't want to be getting others sick. 


5:16 pm. In between perpetual Laundry drying. Swung down to see Robert at the Store. He is such a fascinating character in my little life story. Love our random conversations about creativity and everything under the sun. Today's topics were me sharing this project. Photography. Morning Pages via The Artist Way. He is currently reading the book and I am so excited to know someone else doing them. He also shared his plans for his annual neighborhood Farmer's Market on Franklin/LaSalle beginning again in July. I can't wait to get Local fresh flowers and produce. 


Yes, you can get anything under the sun here. And as Robert said, "the store looks cool in Black and White." I think anything does:) 


7pm ish. The laundry is finally flipping done and my bed with freshly clean sheets is calling me big time. 

PM Spent the night making myself eat something. Breakfast bagel and guzzled water. Watched a little Netflix and worked on writing this. 


8:31 pm. 

Cheers to 43.5 with a shot of NyQuil Severe. Wednesday your done. Night. Night. 

Week in the Life Thoughts: I definitely got more in the groove today. I did forget my phone for certain things. But, I'm OK with it. I felt overall I told the stories I wanted to today. This project is so reminding of how much I miss Memory keeping. It's such a catalyst to mindfulness and being present in the moment. It also is reminding me how important our connections with others are. Even On-Line. Other Take-a-ways:

  • Like our unique lives. We all tell our stories differently. 
  • That my current life is far richer than I imagined. 
  • It's OK to tell the boring stories.
  • And things don't always go as planned. 

See you Thursday.

Love, C.