Week in the Life/Thursday.


7:34 am. Woke up anxious today. I have so much to do and planned to do on my day off. But, this cold is really getting the best of me. Yet the sunlight is beautiful this morning and the perfect spring chill is in the air. I decided to slip on my writing sweater and head into the kitchen. 


Saw the aftermath of yesterday’s laundry fiasco. I was so tired last night that I just left the laundry bags strewn on the floor. 


Last night’s dishes in the drying rack still. They’ll probably stay there all day. 

Brewed my coffee and ready for some morning pages and checking emails, Facebook and Instagram. BTW thank you for all the kind words about this Week in the Life. It has been so much fun, but yet challenging. Trying to not get focused too much on the things I need to change.  


My kitchen table view. Thinking of my Mother so much lately. Especially with Mothers Day approaching. It’s always a bittersweet time not having her around. This little brass picture frame was from my childhood bedroom desk  now has a place again. To remind me of the gratitude for moments and people in my life that are no longer with me. And why documenting matters. 


Finishing up yesterday’s week in the life post and doing some extra proof reading. I type so fast sometimes that grammar takes a back seat:) also loving the sound of the fan, the birds chirping and fully bloomed trees. Spring is truly here in Minneapolis. 

12 Noon. Laying in bed. My cold is finally letting up a bit. Enjoying a little MarieTV videos. She is worth a check out if you have never heard of her.  


And playing around also around with A Color Story-Photo Editing App. This is what I exclusively use now for all my photos. One stop shop for filters and adjusting. 


What’s your favorite photo editing apps and online inspiration? 

Afternoon. You guys I really had no energy to do anything and actually felt frustrated that this would be today's story. I had such high hopes to tell a better one. The reason being in the past year for the first time in many years illness has finally taken a back seat. I wanted to celebrate all the things I can do now with ease that I had struggled with before my heart was fixed. 

But, Right Now had other plans. And I finally decided to go with it today. Feel the Feels and find the gratitude. It's only a cold. Not like last year this time sitting in bed recovering from open heart surgery. Yes, anytime I feel under the weather now it causes anxiety. Rightfully so... just a huge heaping dose reminder of self-care and the need to slow down. 


So, I gave myself permission to stay in Bed. Taking turns between napping and finishing up my homework for A Beautiful Mess's on-line course, Up your Instagram Game. 

Creativity and on-line learning is something that has carried over with me from my Modern Memory Keeping days. And doing this Week In The Life is so reminding of how much I enjoyed this hobby. Now Dreaming and scheming for new ideas:) 


6:23 pm. Yes, a salad (spinach, tomato’s, shredded carrot, sprinkles of cheese, olives and bacon) was eaten. Hopefully it will boost my immunity somehow. 

PM. Worked on Back Taxes after my divorce. Wrote this post and being OK with not having a on day of documenting. Night. Night. See You back here for Friday. Love, C.

Week in the Life Thoughts: As Ali Edwards says about this project, "It's not a Sprint, but a Marathon. Learning to pace myself and go with the curves that everyday life brings. I'm gonna lose steam and it's OK to slow down. But, not give up if the stories are not remarkable or challenging. Remembering what another Social Media Darling Awesome with Alison says, Done is Fun and it will be. 

  • Planning how I am going to tell this story in a Album. I am excited to cut, paste and write/type everything out. It's been a long time since I played with paper and printed photos out. 
  • So loving the community of individuals in the closed Facebook group. Your Stories are awesome and inspiring. 
  • FYI Also can't believe I haven't thrown in the towel. If your on the fence. Let's keep going:)