Week in the Life/Friday.


Today was the best day yet. So, much connections. And appreciation for the current story of my life. It all began with wind rattling my blinds and finding no coffee creamer. I threw on my writing sweater and headed to the corner store.

The weather outside was more like a brilliant fall day instead of early Spring. I also left my camera in a rush to find the store 'Be Back in 5 sign' up. But, within a few moments Robert pounced to the door. He has a walk like a the former dancer he is. And after a few moments Charles came in and Robert let me use his phone camera capture him. 

Charles is charm and joy at it's finest. 71 years young, he has lived in our neighborhood for 46 years. Charles who originally is from Indiana transplanted here in 1970's. We always talk about History and If you need to know something, he knows it with a spark of storytelling like no other. He also gives the best compliments, like what he said to me today, "your 29 and looking fine" always with his trademark wink and high five. A true reminder that our stories are far richer with the individuals that cross our daily paths.  


Back in my apartment with my coffee creamer in hand. I noticed a little history of my own in the corner. A Old Photograph from my Grandparents collection that I have inherited of a family friend who was a colonel in Gettysburg. And a chair that came all the way from Germany when my Great-Great Grandparents landed at Ellis Island in NYC. Our stories hold so much history and I love these daily reminders.


Then Writing over coffee about how important our connections with others truly color our lives even when you are documenting in black and white;)


Getting ready for work and giggling at my growing shoe collection and being reminded of how I make living in a small urban space work well with this beauty cart to pull up to my tiny pink bathroom. And yes I use those giant scissors for perpetual bang trims.


Serious tight lining action shot;)


Waiting for my Lyft ride to work (still feeling a little under the weather for the bus ride) while sometimes pretending I live in NYC or Paris with that cool metal awning outside my old apartment building. 

My Lfyt driver Muhammad was awesome. We talked about how living in Downtown Minneapolis is the best and how we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. yes for sure. 


Back at work. Break time after everyone loved that I was wearing heels instead of my usual checkered vans. My coffee is always made with love.


Wanting Someday to have my kitchen resemble my works coffee Ebar. These lights rock. 


Enjoying my signature Cynthia warm weather (even though it was brisk out) drink outside. Iced Americano with one pump of caramel and a heaping dose of creamer for good measure. 

Back at work it was busy and joyful. I also got news of a Vintage Volvo for sale. This is my car of choice for the last 16 years of my life. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be mine. I miss the open road so much. 

Supper was the best clam chowder and good conversation. It was so yum that I forgot to take a photo:) After supper called my Daddy and found out he was in the hospital and didn't tell me. He is OK. But, I reminded him that he is all I have and he needs to take of himself. He is my heart.


Loving working in such a pretty place and this chair is my all-time fave.

And 'sneaking' out with co-worker to find some new fancy shoes:) They will debut tomorrow.


Closing time. I love these people. 


And now Home. Blissfully tired and will sleep very well with the gratitude for the people, places and things that created my little story today.

And I have a feeling tomorrow will even be better. Night. Night. 

Love, C.