Week in the Life/Saturday.


Hi and Cheers to Saturday. 

Cheers to the Sun rising with a sense of urgency this morning and waking me up way before I was ready. But, I guess it wanted me to show up early today.  


Cheers that Maybe, I need to accept that my morning table isn’t as organized as I have thought all along. Laptop open, Last nights water glasses and my Grocery store flowers days beyond expiration. 

Cheers to AM Coffee, Writing, Showering and heading out the door for work.

Cheers to feeling so much better this morning. Just in time to enjoy my morning walk to the bus stop. 


Cheers to The first photo I took this week that I would rather have seen in color. Everything is blooming big time.

Cheers to how Spring never ceases to amaze me each year and how the fresh air freely works in my lungs.  


Cheers to the sidewalk sights I see everyday and still find lovely. 


Cheers to living in Downtown Minneapolis.


Cheers to Saturday Transit. And today's detour through the heart of the city. It was awesome to see the Giant Farmers Market in full swing and now it's a must do on my summer bucket list. 


Cheers to the guy in front of me wearing the 70's pleather jacket enjoying his tunes and the blonde girl in the messy bun in front of us using her essential oils on the bus while also still looking cool with a big coffee stain on her white jeans. 


Cheers to Love always winning. 


Cheers to your Favorite Freelance Make-up Artist Friend being at work today. Beautiful, Kind Soul with the best hair ever! 


Cheers to making it nearly 5 hours in my new shoes.

Cheers to accepting my curves and imperfections. 

Cheers to the Secret stories I didn't tell today. Some things you just want to enjoy and ponder in your head. 


Cheers to ending the night with Crap cute beer.

Cheers to being really awkwardly bold today:)

Cheers to a Phone date with my Daddy and then my Best Friend Kristen in Georgia.

Cheers to staying up way too late reminiscing and finishing off a six pack:)

Love, C.