Week in the Life-Sunday.

My Mother’s Teenage Album. 1964-1967. 

My Mother’s Teenage Album. 1964-1967. 

Sunday I took only two pictures. And I went back to color. Whoa did I miss it. 

Yes, I drank my coffee. Took my shower and ate some food. But, the Story of Sunday was much bigger than that. 

It was about Mother's Day and also all about digesting all the photos I took, the words I wrote and even the moment's I chose Not to document throughout this Week in the Life project.

Then I sat down and wrote this Letter to the Week.  


Dear Week of May 7th-13th of 2018, 

First I gotta say is Thank you. I have been wanting to do this project for many years, but always settled into Observation mode. Enjoying the fruits of everyone's documenting labors especially WITL's founder Ali Edwards finished project. But, this Week I did it. Throwing my fears of being boring and mundane out the window. Actually after each day... I experienced the opposite. I was interesting even if it was just to myself:)

I then challenged myself on a whim to document the days in Black and White only. And whoa that was a lens opener for me. Seeing my daily story in a whole new way. Working with texture and light instead of color. I found myself really loving photography again. That alone makes this week worth it. 

Then it also brought me to such a humbling detailed view on who I am NOW. The challenges I have overcome. The Changes I have made and the ones I still need too. Also the deep Joy I find in the connections around me and relearning to practice my creativity daily again. 

The most surprising take a way from this week. Is Not telling certain stories. I loved holding them in between the words I wrote and the pictures I took. Tucking them in the folds of my heart and head to savor and enjoy myself. 

Now today this adventure ends on Mothers Day. Always a bittersweet time for me. In honor of her memory and I took out her own photo albums. And looked at them with a whole new perspective. Remembering how she taught me the joy of telling stories and collecting memories. Even if it's just for our eyes. Those albums today hold so much more than photos and words.

A life Well-Lived. So, excited to continue that Legacy myself. 

Love, C.