Big Magic.


It’s what wakes me up in the morning. A surge of creative energy that beckons me to my writing table. Sometimes it’s stolen moments when I should be getting ready for work, but on my mornings like these when I am off. The pen to paper is my work. A Exhilarating passionate kind of work that more resembles a hot and bothered tryst with creativity;) Love, Love, Love it even if my writing is less than perfect. Which it usually is:) But, while recently re-devouring the unique yet very bold book by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer on Creativity. I am reminded that this is my life thing. Ever since I could write and received my first diary. And now many moons later I still do it with that same wonderment and magic. Yes, creative fear still creeps in (thanks Miss Freeberg, my 5th grade teacher for that). But, I still write. And This little, big book made it easier. It’s just that flipping good ~ The kind of good that makes you say “fear let’s be friends so I can tell you to simmer down so I can create without you nagging me all the time.” It’s so worth a read yourself. I am just blown away at Liz’s graciousness to share the wonders, joys and shit sandwiches of everyday creativity. #shereads #shetellsstories #storyboardc