December Daily

Why December Daily Matters/2018.


I know it’s only the first part of September. The leaves haven’t even changed yet and it’s technically summer still according to the calendar. But, as a storyteller and a memory keeper this season awakes my planning creative senses like a mofo;) and my comfort food cravings. I’ll leave that for another post. Wink. 

So, my head is currently swirling with memory keeping ideas. Photos to print. Stories wanting to be told. The yearnings to play with paper and design. And finding inspiration in the everyday again like my stash of old Schoolhouse Electric & Supply co. Catalogues.  

But, what do I do with it all? It’s no secret if you’ve been following my blog for awhile that the stories have remained, but the memory keeping has taken a big back seat. But, I’m pretty ready to get back in the drivers seat and December Daily is on my direct scenic route agenda:) Which has gotten me thinking of why December Daily matters so much? 


Its more than Paper and Pretties.  

Don’t get me wrong it helps:) I love myself some good design and Ali Edwards recent December Daily product release is lovely. But, here’s my but... purchasing supplies aren’t my gig right now or in my budget. Hey maybe in November when things are all sold out, I’ll be kicking myself. But, that’s OK.

After lasts May’s Week in the Life my supply tune shifted a bit. I was impressed with my fruits of storytellling, I finished! Pretty big feat for me;) I grew so much in my storytelling and approach. It was pretty exciting and a big reminder for me to not get caught in having the right papers and pretties. 

Yes; I would love for my 2018 Week in the Life someday to live outside my blog and in a Album. But, getting the story told was far more impactful.  

Sometimes... a Magical Time of the Year.  

Who doesn’t love the Christmas season. Yes, they’re are the few Scrooge’s out there:) But, most of us are full of anticipation, planning and nostalgia on over drive. But, sometimes even if we are in love with the season it can be difficult and even vulnerable to tell some stories. I know it’s for me. I don’t fit in the perfect Christmas Box as I’m guessing many or most of us don’t. But, even those kind of stories are worth telling.  

Yesterday during the December Daily pre-product launch happy hoop-la on the Facebook group. I came across a wonderful December Daily Page Album walk-through video by Brandi Kincaid. I was so inspired  by her storytelling of the season. It was so authentic, creative and vulnerable. I loved how she shared her grief and how this last season is so different without her Mother. I myself know this too well. And by Brandi sharing so openly, it has given me permission to do the same this year. Pretty cool, Right? Thank you Brandi! 

What is it you Plan to do with your One Wild and Precious Life?  

Ali Edwards, the founder of the December Daily project often over the years have referenced this ending line in Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Summer Day”? and I’ve definitely have took it to heart with my own approach to memory keeping and life in general. 

My own current plan for December Daily this year is to keep it simple. I’ve already made 30 plus bucket list of People, Places and Things I want to document (I will share it in the first part of October, if your curious:) But, I also want to stay Open to Stories that find me beyond the list and begging to be told:) I’m excited to see what shows up:) 

For Design, I plan to be a little Wild and Unpredictable. Shop my current stash and add new items that excite me (hence the inspo from the old Schoolhouse Electric Catalogues:)  I really want to go grass roots and outside of the box.  

These plans really excite me! And when we are doing projects like this... we should be thrilled right?!?  

Ok, Now it’s your turn to share What December Daily means to you this year? What are your plans? And whats getting you excited about the stories you will be telling?  

Seasons Greetings:) J/K.  Now lets get back to September:)