Girl, Wash Your Face.


Just like my Momma always taught me, “You never go to bed with a dirty face. Cleanse, Moisturize and maybe even do a mask.” I literally can count on two hands of adulthood how many times I went to bed with a unwashed face and it usually involved too much alcohol:) The other 100,000 of nights even if still alcohol or sickness was involved. I get that face washed and I swear by it. No lie here. 

So, when I saw Rachel’s Hollis Book of the same title keep popping up on my IG feed and finally seeing it on the shelf of my local Target. It went home with me. And then it sat. And sat some more on my writing table. It eventually was moved to my bedside to sit again. I will be honest here, I had resistance to opening its pages.  

Some guilt for buying it when I’m broke as no joke. Some Trepidation that it would be another feel good book that motivated me to take on my world of self-doubt and find myself worse off than before.   But, a bad day came. The kind of day where you say fuck it, what do I have to lose. And my resistance cowered in the corner as I opened the pages. 

I didn’t put it down unless I had to pee, go to work or eat. I had a pen with me as I read. Underlining. Putting notes in the margins. I also laughed, cried, and even read chapters that I thought I couldn’t relate too.  

By the time I finished the last paragraph. I knew why Rachel Hollis is New York Times Best Seller, a motivational speaker and CCO with well over 900k followers on Instagram. She’s Real. I mean Vulnerable, Strong Real. She lived the Messy parts, the disappointments and works Real Hard without compromising Humanness of Who She is to fit into a Mold others might of expect.  

So, Read her book. I know if I could I would buy you all a copy and a shiny pen to go along with it. I would, I really would.

And as the the Book Cover Tagline says, “Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are. So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be.” 

It’s seriously not too late. 

Love, c.