Blooming in the Cracks.


July has gone, so has June. Now Summer is in this urgent August Month before Fall steps in to take over.

And this Morning while my friend plans for his upcoming time at the Lake this next week. I was panicking a bit about the end of summer as He quickly showed me the potted plants I needed to water for him while he’s gone. We also noticed this seedling that had jumped ship from one of the pots to bloom in the city sidewalk crack nearby. Perfect timing to see it surprisingly thriving as a sweet bloom surrounded by cigarette butts and other random debris by the Apartment steps.

A quiet reminder to me that it’s OK to bloom in the cracks of my own current situation. Away from the rest of the crowd or standards. Letting it unfold as it may without a sense urgency for perfection as the end of the summer might prescribe. Just Growing where I happen to fall even with less than savory junk cluttering my life.

Maybe you needed this reminder as well. We all spend so much of our life chasing the next chapter, waiting and working for the ‘Best is yet to come’ when most of time it’s already here in not so perfect form.

Alright that’s enough from me. My coffee is getting cold and thanks for being patient with my long absences between posts.Happy August. Love, C.

PS And when I water the potted plants this week. I won’t forget to water this guy as well😊.