Dedicate/Day 11. Courage.


On the Mat: 23 minutes and Yoga for Beginners (YWA) 41 minutes. 

Observations: Balance came and went😂. It’s interesting how one side of the body can be more flexible than the other. Yeah, today their was a posture I didn’t even attempt😜 and totally cool with that. 

Insights: Courage to show up when all over IG I saw this crazy posture everyone was doing and it was way intimidating and I was thinking what the hell did I get myself into🤪 But, this is a big reminder this is my story and I’m not here to show off, but show up. And I love how Adriene encourages that humble heart too. 


But, I’ll Take Today: Another add-on Beginners Practice with Adriene  HERE. Will be doing this another time this week for sure. Now off to work.

Tomorrow: Day 12. Curate.

Love, C.

PS It’s not too late for you to Join myself and many others on Dedicate-A 30 Day Yoga Journey. HERE  It least check it out:)